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[BUG] Bug with multiple image stream jobs of different resolution
(I'm using a program that only outputs png image streams for lossless encodes, hence my recent threads.)

If you create an image stream job in Hybrid, add it to the job list, then, create a SECOND image stream job with a DIFFERENT resolution, Hybrid "remembers" the resolution from the FIRST job and "imposes" that on the second. This will then corrupt the output. (You actually don't have to create a job... this will happen if you JUST click the "Accept" button then immediately go back and select a different stream with a different resolution.)

Example: First image stream job with resolution of 1440x1080:

[Image: TX0QavB.png]

After adding to job list, here is now the input window for the second image stream job with a resolution of 1920x1080:

[Image: BbCRa3w.png]

Closing and restarting Hybrid will "reset" the resolution for image streams.

Example files to reproduce this attached.

.zip (Size: 924,88 KB / Downloads: 19)

I should also mention (I normally don't like to report multiple things in one thread but this kind of goes with it):

While not a bug, when you select an image stream input for a second job, the "last Frame" button "remembers" the directory from the first job. So if you're not careful and select the last image from the FIRST job, you'll have two different directories for first frame and last frame, which really shouldn't be allowed... "last Frame" should ONLY allow an image to be selected from the SAME directory as the "1st frame".
Seems like there's a bug with the resetting of the data.
-> I'll look into it.
What I did:
  1. Started Hybrid
  2. Enabled 'Base->Image Sequence'
  3. Pressed the 'Open file'-button
  4. Loaded a 1080p image sequence and pressed the 'Accept' button
  5. Pressed the 'Open file'-button
  6. all settings were reset
but I noticed that when I load the last frame from another folder with different files and corrected the issue the values did not get reset.
So I can't reproduce what you described, but resetting the values whenever the last frame changes probably fixes your issue too.

-> Will send you a link to a dev version via PM for testing in a bit.

Cu Selur
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Fixed in dev version 2020.07.20.1!

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