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Esxi running macos For selur
use larger values to see green/purple artifacts
I used
clip = core.std.Levels(clip=clip, min_in=0, max_in=1020, min_out=160, max_out=880)
with a 10bit source, before I used a 8 bit source.
and the output looks fine too.
Ah using:
clip = core.std.Levels(clip=clip, min_in=160, max_in=1020, min_out=160, max_out=880)
I get the a greem output where there should none.

-> this looks like a bug in the filter or I messed value scaling
All i know is that it works as expected in RGB mode and produce green/purple artifacts in YUV.
Levels and Limiter are not the same as "Range conversion" filters. They just work like a "Levels" filter in any image editing app in RGB mode.
We'll see what the Vapoursynth dev say over at doom9s.
I think this is a bug since it works correctly with 8bit content.

Cu Selur
Try larger values and 8 bit also became green.
clip = core.std.Levels(clip=clip, min_in=55, max_in=111, min_out=55, max_out=111)

[Image: Y8nL80l.jpg]

[Image: kSj8e3N.jpg]
Yeah, something is 'off'.
-> hopefully one of the devs over at doom9s will clear it up
In case this hasn't cleared up till tomorrow, I'll add an 'Use RGB' option to Levels and Limiter which will limit it to RGBX so RGBS would be converted to RGB48.

Cu Selur
2020.10.11.1 There is a mistake in Gamma: empty element in UI, and if gamma is different than 1.0 it still use YUV planes [0] when Use RGB checkbox selected.

# adjusting color space from YUV420P8 to RGB24 for VsLevels
clip = core.resize.Bicubic(clip=clip, format=vs.RGB24, matrix_in_s="470bg", range_s="limited")
# Color Adjustment
clip = core.std.Levels(clip=clip, min_in=16, max_in=235, min_out=16, max_out=235, gamma=1.20, planes=[0])
Forgot to delete the dropbox. -> no problem
Will remove planes for the next release, but that will have to wait. (same will happen for Limiter)
Probably won't get around to it before the next weekend.

Cu Selur
Don't removeĀ planes completely. Adjusting Y in YUV is stillĀ a nice additional option and may be useful.

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