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Esxi running macos For selur
I mistyped,...
Planes will stay, just the box behind the Gamma option gets removed.
The Planes selection shouldn't be empty,..

Cu Selur
Have no idea why i keep report this but there is an error in 2020.10.11.1 if use QTGMC custom preset: 
Failed to evaluate the script:
Python exception: QTGMC: 'TFF' must be set when InputType!=1. Setting TFF to true means top field first and false means bottom field first

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 2244, in vapoursynth.vpy_evaluateScript
  File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 2245, in vapoursynth.vpy_evaluateScript
  File "/Volumes/temp/Hybrid Temp/tempPreviewVapoursynthFile20_19_39_257.vpy", line 24, in <module>
    clip = havsfunc.QTGMC(Input=clip, Preset="Placebo", InputType=0, TR2=3, Sharpness=1.0, SourceMatch=0, Lossless=0, opencl=True)
  File "/Applications/", line 1048, in QTGMC
    raise vs.Error("QTGMC: 'TFF' must be set when InputType!=1. Setting TFF to true means top field first and false means bottom field first")
vapoursynth.Error: QTGMC: 'TFF' must be set when InputType!=1. Setting TFF to true means top field first and false means bottom field first
will try to look into it when I find some time in the next few days,..
in the mean time as a workaround you can add a QTGMC Addition where you set TFF
Just an idea - why don't use standalone MKVToolNix binaries (mkvextract, mkvinfo, mkvmerge) instead of full MKVToolNix GUI app? This may save about 70MB of space.
I done few quick experiments and deleted everything but mkvextract, mkvinfo, mkvmerge from and seems it can work in Hybrid like this.
Seems it also works if i delete and simply put mkvextract, mkvinfo, mkvmerge directly to MacOS folder. Seems Hybrid can "see" those components there automatically:
[Image: s2BTxm8.jpg]

Can you deny or approve this idea?

P.S. There is also explanation in MKVToolNix readme.txt file:
"If you need the command line tools then copy mkvextract, mkvinfo,
mkvmerge and mkvproedit from ./MKVToolNix-51.0.0/Contents/MacOS/
to /usr/local/bin"
yeah, that should work.
Ok, great!

Here is another interesting discovery. gpac/MP4Box and tsMuxeR both comes with libfreetype.6.dylib libpng16.16.dylib components. Filenames are the same but file sizes are different. So here is a question is it better to use libfreetype.6.dylib libpng16.16.dylib from gpac/MP4Box or from tsMuxeR package?

As i see Hybrid comes by default with libfreetype.6.dylib libpng16.16.dylib from gpac/MP4Box
My guess is one of them is stripped the other isn't, but it shouldn't matter which one is used.

Cu Selur
Seems so. Anyway tsMuxeR seems works well with libfreetype.6.dylib libpng16.16.dylib from gpac/MP4Box. No problem when export to TS and MTS.
Just checking in .... everybody alright?
I'm fine working on during my free time after work,...

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