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Esxi running macos For selur
Yup thats it. On german dvd its pal so 25fps. Going back to ntsc 23.976 so less frames. 
One episode the christmas special had Zero issues. Other than the german dvd missing a scene

But the “on ice “ episode blends like crazy.

How would i do 18000/1001 via script is that srestore?
Quote:How would i do 18000/1001 via script is that srestore?
18000/1001 = 17.982

Quote:One episode the christmas special had Zero issues. Other than the german dvd missing a scene
Different clip might mean different production Wink
Cartoons were some times created with 12fps or even 8fps, older cartoon to be even created with 24fps is really rare. So basically all DVD&Co productions used frame duplication and crude frame interpolation/blending to archive the needed frame rates.
Usually content created for the US marked often used some pull ups additional to, so basically when trying to find the right number trying all full numbers and X000/1001 is the usual approach. Smile

Cu Selur
Hope you had a Great Christmas Selur, have a great new year.
Thanks, best wishes to you too. Smile

Cu Selur
I uploaded a new wip version which uses Qt6 for Hybrid itself to the google drive.
Seems to run fine on my VM, but would be nice it someone could check whether it also works on a normal mac.

Cu Selur

Ps.: going to upgrade my VM to Big Sur now, hoping it doesn't die and everything still works after the upgrade. Smile
-> VM still is alive and the Hybrid still works Smile
fixed some porting bugs and regressions and uploaded a new wip version

Cu Selur
Interesting concept with menu list instead of vertical tabs, but still feels like too many clicks to navigate. It is also impossible too see quickly which filters are enabled and which are disabled. There is nothing better and faster yet than single row of tabs and filters scroll used in older versions...

New main level tabs naming and arrangemet seems looks nice and logical.
| Deinterlace | FFMpeg | Vapoursynth | Speed change | Misc |
Experimenting with it a bit, not sure what will stick. Sadly MacOS in combination with Qt allows less than Windows or Linux.
We will see,...
I guess MacOS just limits things that can destroy user interface Smile

Selur is doing s great job. 

Glad the transfer to big sur worked. I had no doubts, once your esxi is unlocked for mac, it will work as long as apple still makes their OS compatible with intel processors. 

Does the new xcode built into big sur allow for compiling for m1 chips? I don’t have an m1 chip, but never say never. 

Probably wouldnt matter if it was compiled for m1 chip as the plugins and scripts aren’t m1 compatible ..
I really hate this switch, but looks like windows maybe doing it too.

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