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Esxi running macos For selur
Quote:Interesting thing is. The video isn’t combed. Like it doesn’t look interlaced when playing the raw m2ts file.
I would:
  • load clip
  • enable 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Overwrite scan type to'
  • set 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Overwrite scan type to' to 'progressive'
  • open the Avisynth/Vapoursynth Preview
If the preview doesn't show combing artifacts during horizontal motion the source is progressive.
No need to deinterlace or telecine.

Quote:So they made it interlaced 1080i/59.94 (i wonder if they doubled the frame rate and labeled them as fields? And then encoded them as interlaced?)
When i get info it shows up as 1080i/29.97 on the avc file.
Blu-rays only allow 1080i29.97 / 1080i30, there is no 1080i/59.94 on a Blu-ray.
Bobbing 1080i29.97 content would result in 1920x1080 @ 59.94 frames.
Bobbing 1080i59.94 content would result in 1920x1080 @ 199,88 frames.
Assuming the number behind the slash is the frame rate and not the field rate. (If it was the field rate, 1080i29.97 would be really uncommon content that probably only software player support!)

Quote:I think i can get it back to 1080p/30 fps.
Using qtgmc to double the frames followed by srestore frate=30.
seems to be the wrong approach here.

Quote:So they made it interlaced 1080i/59.94
No, they made 1080i/29.97 by simply encoding the content as interlaced using MBAFF, which allows the whole content to be progressive.
You might want to read-up on the difference between MBAFF and PAFF when handling with interlaced AVC content.

Cu Selur
So if it is mbaff how do i get it back to 30 fps?

And about bobbing. I meant since it is 29.97 in order for srestore to remove duplicate fields i thought it would need to be bobbed from 29.97 to 59.94. With srestore frate 30 it can pull out the unique frames from the 59.94 frames and remove the 29.94 duplicate frames.
But you said no. That wont work.

I read this on another forum

The film was shot in 29.97fps, so this is the correct framerate...
Since the BD specs only support 29.97fps interlaced, they encoded this with MBAFF interlacing which should decode to 29.97 progressive frames (like most 25fps BDs and european TV)
You could reencode and make sure to not deinterlace and output progressive content (set 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->Overwrite scan type to' to 'progressive').
Bobbing does not create duplicate frames unless the source is telecined or was created using another pulldown variant.
So bobbing 29.97 fps interlaced content will leave you with 59.95 different frames using sRestore on that would simply throw out frames until the desired frame rate is met.

Cu Selur

Ps.: you could also just leave the stream as it is, H.264 hardware decoders which support mbaff should not do anything strange to the content on decoding and decode the content as progressive.
I think i am just going to assume the frame rate is truly 29.97 progressive. And obviously they used mbaff as a way to conform to the bluray spec.

Qtgmc like you said wont work, it’s not truly interlaced. Neither will bobing.
Or srestore.

Its just that they said they filmed at 30 fps on various websites, only one site said it was truly 29.97 at time of filming.
Quote:Qtgmc like you said wont work, it’s not truly interlaced. Neither will bobing.
Or srestore.
They will 'work' they simply won't do what you want. Smile (go to progressive with the least possible quality loss)

Cu Selur
This is so confusing.

I find it strange that in 1955 when they were experimenting with frame rates. They would pick 29.97 out of a hat.
I believe 29.97 was invented when tv went from black and white to color. As additional data for color was needed. 

I think they did this film in 30 fps. As mentioned on multiple review site and interviews.

So how how did they convert 30 fps progressive to 29.97 interlaced. 

My mind is spinning. Just when i understood everything there was to know about dvd and standard definition. I thought bluray was for the most part all 23.976 . They go and drop a this crazy frame rate thing on me.
Quote:I believe 29.97 was invented when tv when from black and white to color. As additional data for color was needed.
Rolleyes ... ->

Quote:So how how did they convert 30 fps progressive to 29.97 interlaced.
they simply told the H.264 encoder to create interlaced output, x264 has an option named '--fake-interlace' which does this, it simply encodes content MBAFF style without caring whether it's progressive or interlaced. Smile

Nothing crazy, just folks 'mis-'using the standard to their liking. Wink

Cu Selur

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