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Hybrid vs DAIN-APP
I tried DAIN APP and its the best 60fps converted i found, no errors at all BUT its too slow. 

Is there a way to get the DAIN APP features that makes the converting so good to hybrid?
Happy you like DAIN APP, which showcases the Depth-Aware video frame INterpolation (DAIN)
I tried it a month ago and had some issues with it on some sources and but still looked into supporting it in Hybrid.
(issues were mainly problems on scene changes and similar scenes)
Problem is:
a. it neither Vapoursynth or Avisynth, so it can't be simply used in a Vapoursynth or Avisynth script
b. at least in some tests in sometimes returned to many or too few frames
c. it's quite large
d. it creates huge amounts of temporary PNG files
e. is NVIDIA and Windows only
f. haven't spend time to read their license texts to be sure it would even be okay to integrate DAIN-APP into Hybrid.
After some thinking about it quite a bit I came to the conclusion that it's too much trouble trying to integrate it as it is atm.
Only reasonable way to support this is when there is a Vapoursynth port of it through which one could use it as a normal Vapoursynth filter, because this would allow to deinterlace/denoise/... a source before DAIN did it's 'magic' and add subtitles and filter afterwards. Also this would eliminate the need for the temporal png files.

Even if I would send all my free time atm. to somehow integrate a workflow into Hybrid where Hybrid would:
a. Load a source
b. process it (filtering & co)
c. create a temp file
d. process this temp file with DAIN-APP
e. add/remove additional frames to get the right amount of frame to keep a/v sync
f. process the temp pngs created by DAIN-APP (filtering & co) and convert them into a new video stream
this would only shorten the time spend by you monitoring the process. It would not speed up GAIN itself.
So I would need to spend tons of time to implement this double filter process etc. and find a way to control DAIN-APP from the command line without any real speed gain and also hugely increase the installation and download size of Hybrid.

If the DAIN-APP team or someone else decides to create a Vapoursynth filter of this I'll look into it again, but atm. it's simply not worth the time and effort effort to support this.
=> If you like DAIN-APP think about supporting them through Patreon and may be try to convince them to port it to Vapoursynth. Wink

Cu Selur

Ps.: If you visit the Patreon page of DAIN-APP you can find a link to MediaFire where you can download the latest 0.43 version. My guess is that this is a mistake by them. But the new version might be interesting since it features a new model which might improve the interpolation results. Wink

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