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GUI on Linux broken.
I attempted to try the latest Release of Hybrid as I had a few features added I was interested in trying out for my DVD encoding. However the QT GUI is half broken whenever I try to use it.  Previous versions worked fine however.

OS: Arch Linux X86_64

Desktop: Cinnamon

QT5 Version: 5.15.1-1

Step one: Grab the latest 64 Bit Linux hybrid release and unzip it.

Step two: Go into the folder and launch Hybrid.

Step Three: Wait for Hybrid to load up and the GUI is mangled.

Here is a picture

Note the last 3 tabs do not work at all.

[Image: PzP1DVP.png]

I included the output log as well. It's not a full debug log as I don't know how to turn that on without the GUI.
Another user reported the same issue with xfc as Window Manager.
Atm. I have no clue what is causing this, since I didn't really change anything that should have this effect, but it looks like the NVEncC tabs are somehow added to the gui,..
-> does this also happen if you use a misc.ini (see: *hidden* Hybrid options,... with:

Cu Selur

Ps.: I also added a version which by default ignores NVEncC, please also try this version.

To misc.ini seems to have fixed the bugged UI.

That said your attempt at a fixed binary broke something else. output with the new binary.

no file '/home/fletcher/Downloads/hybrid/misc.ini' found,..
  no file '/home/fletcher/.hybrid/misc.ini' found,..
No misc.ini file used,..
qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.
This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

Available platform plugins are: xcb.

Aborted (core dumped)
Past experience indicates it may be a qt version mish mash.

Now I just need to get it to find my Vapoursynth install and we'll be golden.
Regarding building and installing Vapoursynth and plugins, take a look at:

Regarding telling Hybrid where to find a pre-installed Vapoursynth look at the hidden options thread.


About the binary, only thing I changed with the build process is that I added an additional 'strip Hybrid' to the build process, which should not have broken anything. I assume you did not use the package since you are on Arch Linux, but the binary only.
-> I attached a new build where I did not strip the binary, does that one startup properly for you.
(both start fine on my Ubuntu Linux systems)

Cu Selur
That fixed it it seems. At least know we know why it broke, even if we don't know why it was fixed lol.

Thank you.

And I'll look into it finding my existing VS install. I had to fiddle with it before to get it to work, so it seems that old way no longer works for some reason. I'll look into it and let you know though.
You might need to specify:
a. vapoursynth=true to enable Vapoursynth support
b. vsScriptPath=path_to_script_folder (Hybrid will probably not use them buy only check if they exist)
c. vsPluginsPath=path_to_plugins_folder (Hybrid will probably not use them buy only check if they exist)
in your misc.ini

Cu Selur

Ps.: If there are some default Vapoursynth installation paths, I can probably add those to the autodetect option
Okay after a couple of days of digging it seems the issues is that Hybrid is looking for the VS plugins folder before loading in Vapoursynth. Even with vapoursynth=true it still looks for the vsplugin path. if it doesn't find it it will ignore the misc.ini setting.
I found that using the addon compiling script creates a .config file in /home/User/.config/vapoursynth/ that overrides my system settings. Deleting that and setting 
vsPluginsPath=Path/to/plugins in misc.ini fixes the issue. I put the vs plugins in the .hybrid folder just so I can find it easy.
Nice, happy you figured it out.

Cu Selur

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