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FrameRateComverter issue
in case you might find it helpful...

I was working on an Anime DVD earlier that is 29.97 telecined to 23.976 progressive , so I  just ran this as per standard:

[Image: PZTnw6c.jpg]

(From what I've read, it's better to use TIVTC's inner deinterlacer, especially for anime, but it shouldn't even matter because the interlaced frames are just getting tossed out.)

The problem is that for some weird reason (and this is apparently typical on Anime DVD's from the 00's), the end credits are completely interlaced. In my case, it was completely interlaced end credits on top of telecined content.

So what I did, is *just* for the end credits, ran QTGMC bobbing to 59.94 fps. Then I experimented with various ways to go to 23.976 to match the rest of the content. I got the best and smoothest result by running this:

[Image: WtaKIfg.gif]

Still not sure if it's the best or "proper" way to do this, but it gives the best result out of everything I tried, in terms of playback smoothness and minimal artifacts.
Yes, Anime DVD/Blu-ray creators often do strange/uncommon things.
So you used:
Quote:If your source isn't telecined (and you still want to to for 23.976), the default way should be:
a. bob deinterlace with the deinterlacer of your choice
b. use sRestore and aim for 23.976

Cu Selur
Most of the sources I'm working with are "true " interlaced 29.976i footage.
So far, the best result to convert 29.97 -> 23.976 gives me (IMHO) as I mentioned before "Bobbed" QTGMC, that gives me "full' 59.94 frames and than 96000/1001 with Select Every 4,0.
It noticeably smother (especially at the scenes with fast motion objects/camera panning) than "sRestore"

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