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Any chance to add "AssumeFPS"?
Is there a different effect than:
a. enabling "Filtering->Speed Change->Speed Settings->Change speed" and setting it to the desired frame rate
b. enabling "Filtering->Filtering->Overwrite Output" and enabling "Filtering->Filtering->Overwrite Output->Frame rate to" and setting the desired frame rate?

Cu Selur
Yes it is different effect. It allows to produce stunning slow-mo, that couldn't be achieved using effects you've mentioned.
Usually I add it to "Custom", however it would be nice to have it among other filters , and  respect  filter order.
It could be included in "Other' section of Vaporsynth and "Frame" section of Avisynth.
Such approach will allows you to manipulate filter order.
You must be speaking of something else than I am.
Quote:std.AssumeFPS(clip clip[, clip src, int fpsnum, int fpsden=1])

Returns a clip with the framerate changed. This does not in any way modify the frames, only their metadata.

The framerate to assign can either be read from another clip, src, or given as a rational number with fpsnum and fpsden.

It is an error to specify both src and fpsnum.

AssumeFPS overwrites the frame properties _DurationNum and _DurationDen with the frame duration computed from the new frame rate.
Same in Avisynth:

Changes the frame rate without changing the frame count, causing the video to play faster or slower.

The normal AssumeFPS does not allow "to produce stunning slow-mo" it just changes the playback speed it doesn't change the frame count.
It's exactly the same as the two option I mentioned.
So if you take a 29.97fps interlaced source, bob it to 59.94fps and interpolate it to 89.91fps and then use AssumeFPS(29.97) it's just changing the playback speed and the same as if simply changing the fps flag in the file.

-> So atm. I see nothing special that AssumeFPS does.
Best you share a script which shows where you think something 'stunning' is created through AssumeFPS, because atm. I really don't see anything special.

Cu Selur

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