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[BUG] Blu-ray input not recognized
Hi there Smile

Hybrid Windows: rev 2020.10.11.1

I'm trying to feed Hybrid a blu-ray by choosing the PLAYLIST folder of the BD. When doing so Hybrid finds 0 usable mpls files (on any blu-ray I tried). But this worked in the past and I think it started happening only after I changed some Filterting->Deinterlace settings and the default output path and saved the settings.

I attached the log output.

Any ideas?
Problem seems to be that:
"C:\Program Files\Hybrid\64bit\ffmpeg.exe" -hwaccel auto -threads 1 -i "bluray:D:\Videos\Long.Vacation.1996.Complete.1080i.BluRay.AVC.LPCM.2.0-RHX\LONG_VACATION_1"
aborts with:
Unrecognized option 'threads 1'.
Error splitting the argument list: Option not found
seems like Hybrid doesn't properly split the parameters when sending them to ffmpeg.
-> will look into it.

Cu Selur
Found the problem, will send link to you a hopefully fixed dev version in ~20min.
Note that you should resave your defaults and you will if you use Vapoursynth and use saved Vapoursynth profiles you will need to reset the filter order after loading such a profile and resave it. (FilterOrder changed and some elements were replaced by others.)

Cu Selur
I have a similar consistent issue when trying to open DVDs. when it goes to parse the TS data it aborts the process when it can't find track `1__0`
Since you didn't care to read the sticky and share details or at least share what OS you are on there is nothing I can do.

Cu Selur

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