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audio auto add first stopped working
worked in version 2020.02.19.1

on clean install of hybrid version 2020.12.13.1 original track is not added to output

Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem. Thank you for any help
Looking at the debug output,...

inital audio queue:
D:\newshosting\164888\164888.mkv;0;aac;6;bitrate;128;faac;low complexity;48000;0.00;en;-37;121.206;dts;0;1;don't change;;false;;false;1;false;;;;true;false;;;false;48000;1;dts;;false;true;false;3/2/0.1;1/1;;6;0;;None;54:_:15;10;20;0;1000;24;false;;pcm;false;3;;;31;;2.71;16;-n;4;GPU;NVIDIA CUDA;;6;false;D:\newshosting\164888\164888.mkv;true;false;;;false;6;;;-1
looks fine,..

looking at the processed jobs:
  1. audio gets extracted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_01_audio) using:
    mkvextract tracks "D:\newshosting\164888\164888.mkv" 1:"D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_01.dts"
    and finished after 00:00:00.303 creating "D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_01.dts (21.4886 MB)"
  2. audio gets reencoded (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02_audio):
    ffmpeg -y -threads 4 -loglevel fatal -nostdin -i "D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_01.dts" -ac 6 -ar 48000 -sample_fmt s32 -f sox - | sox --multi-threaded  --temp "D:\video-temp\2020-12-18@08_07_55_631001" --buffer 524288 -S -t sox - -b 32 -t sox - | ffmpeg -y -threads 4 -f sox -i - -c:a aac -strict -2 -b:a 128k -ar 48000 -channel_layout 5.1 "D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac"
    and finished after 00:00:02.788, creating "D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac (1.86496 MB)"
  3. then the temp audio ("D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_01.dts") gets deleted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_03_cleanUp)
  4. then the video gets extracted (08_07_55_6310_04_video) using:
    mkvextract --ui-language en tracks "D:\newshosting\164888\164888.mkv" 0:"D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264"
    which finished after 00:00:00.372 and created "D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264 (89.165 MB)"
  5. then the tagging file (D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__05.xml) gets created (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_05_create)
  6. then the chapter file (D:\VIDEO-~1\2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__06.chp) gets created (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_06_create)
  7. then the muxing of the files is started (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_07_muxing) using:
    mkvmerge --ui-language en -o "D:\hybrid-out\164888.mkv" --global-tags "D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__05.xml" -d 0 --default-track 0:yes --language 0:en --default-duration 0:24000/1001fps --fourcc 0:MP4V --chapter-charset UTF-8 --chapters "D:\VIDEO-~1\2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__06.chp" --compression -1:none --forced-track 0:yes --no-audio --no-subtitles "D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264" --language 0:en --default-track 0:yes --sync 0:-37 --forced-track 0:no -a 0 --compression -1:none --no-video --no-subtitles --no-chapters "D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac"
    the processing output of mkvmerge looks fine too:
    mkvmerge v51.0.0 ('I Wish') 64-bit
    'D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'AVC/H.264'.
    'D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac': Using the demultiplexer for the format 'AAC'.
    'D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264' track 0: Using the output module for the format 'AVC/H.264 (unframed)'.
    'D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac' track 0: Using the output module for the format 'AAC'.
    The file 'D:\hybrid-out\164888.mkv' has been opened for writing.
    'D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264' track 0: Extracted the aspect ratio information from the MPEG-4 layer 10 (AVC) video data and set the display dimensions to 1280/696.
    Progress: 2%
    Progress: 90%
    Progress: 100%

    The cue entries (the index) are being written...

    Multiplexing took 1 second.
    and finished after 00:00:00.951 and created "D:\hybrid-out\164888.mkv (91.0318 MB)"
    With the audio being 1.86496 MB and the video being 89.165 MB, 91.0318 MB for the muxed file looks fine in my book.
  8. then the tag file ("D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__05.xml") gets deleted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_08_cleanUp)
  9. the temp video file ("D:\video-temp\164888_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_04.264") gets deleted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_09_cleanU)
  10. the temp chapter file ("D:\VIDEO-~1\2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310__06.chp") gets deleted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_10_cleanUp)
  11. the temp audio file ("D:\video-temp\iId_3_aid_0_lang_en_DELAY_-37ms_2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_02.aac") gets deleted (2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310_11_cleanUp)
  12. Job 2020-12-18@08_07_55_6310 finished!

-> Can't see any flaw in the processing of Hybrid and I have no clue why you would thing the audio didn't get added to the video.

Cu Selur
Yes the audio does get added as AAC but the original DTS track is not passed through. The output only has the AAC track.
Quote:Yes the audio does get added as AAC but the original DTS track is not passed through. The output only has the AAC track.
'auto add first' only should add the original track too in case 'Audiot->Misc->Handling->Add passthrough for reencode' is also enabled otherwise it should not add the original stream too
That did it. Thanks
So, no bug in Hybrid (since this is the way it has been for years), just a user not knowing what he's doing.

Cu Selur

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