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Install Hybrid on Ubuntu 18.04 VNC
Here's the whole terminal log,
Detected '/home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid/misc.ini',...
Hybrid 2020.12.13.1 by Selur
Pre-GUI initialization starting 06:02:52.265
Checking for styles,...
Checking for inputs,...
Checking for global profile,...
Checking for auto add,...
Loading resources:
  model versions,...
  raw video file extensions,...
  raw audio file extensions,...
  raw subtitle file extensions,...
  index file extensions,...
  cuda capable cards,..
  ogg extensions,...
  wmv extensions,...
  mp4 extensions,...
  mp3 extensions,...
  mpeg extensions,...
  tsMuxeR extensions,...
  raw output extensions,...
  mov extensions,...
  matroska extensions,...
  additional mkv tags,...
  format <> number mapping,...
  avc level -> vbv max bitrate mapping,...
  avc level -> max mps mapping,...
  avc level -> max buffer mapping,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for main tier,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for high tier,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for level,...
  avc level -> max frame size mapping,...
  qtgmc 720x576 memory usage
  qtgmc 1280x720 memory usage
  qtgmc 1920x1080 memory usage
  DNxHD profiles,...
  Avisynth model combis,...
  fraction lists,...
  fraction conversions,...
Creating application,...
  setting application path,...
  application home: /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid
  application data path: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid
Loading values from: /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid/misc.ini
  './64bit/vsfilters' doesn't exist
  './vsfilters' doesn't exist
  '/home/elaajjan/.hybrid/vsfilters' doesn't exist
'/home/elaajjan/.hybrid/vsscripts' doesn't exist,..
  using vsScriptPath: ./vsscripts
GUI initialization starting 06:02:52.269
connecting model handler,..
GUI Initialization
init system handler,...
  Collecting fonts available on system
init folders,...
set global directories,...
Initializing the message handlers,...
init helpers,..
current settings path: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid
  reset custom fonts folder:
  custom fonts folder(3):/home/elaajjan/.local/share/fonts
Custom font cache folder: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/fontconfig/cache
checking local.conf file
  finished checking fonts: -9.22337e+9s
Custom font cache folder: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/fontconfig/cache
checking local.conf file
  finished checking fonts: -9.22337e+9s
Vapoursynth script path: /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid/vsscripts
Vapoursynth plugins path:
Disabled Vapoursynth sind no plugins path could be found.
  -> detected no Vapoursynth,..
  looking for avisynth extension, version 20191004
Looking for wine enviroment,...
  wine: /usr/bin/wine
  wineWindowsFolder: /home/elaajjan/.wine/drive_c/windows
  wineWindowsSystemFolder: /home/elaajjan/.wine/drive_c/windows/syswow64
  Checking for avisynth extension,...
   support checking on non-Windows systems: false
  wineWindowsFolder: /home/elaajjan/.wine/drive_c/windows
  wineWindowsSystemFolder: /home/elaajjan/.wine/drive_c/windows/syswow64
   -> /home/elaajjan/.wine/drive_c/windows/syswow64/avisynth.dll does not exist,...
  -> detected no avisynth extension,..
  Initializing MainWindow
  Initializing helpers
  Initializing preview
  checking irc message support
  init shudown/hibernate support
  checking shutdown timer
  checking hibernate timer
  init mkv font extractor
  checking ssl mail support
Initializing tabs
    log tab,...
     initialized log tab, after: 0s
checking for GPU,...
Detected graphic cards:
checking for PureVideo compatible cards,...
No graphic cards detected! Removing NVEnc, VCEEnc, QSVEnc and similar support.
No card found that's supported by nvenc, the CUDA encoding library.
-> Removing CUDA based encoding support.
Card name was compared against:
Checking the following cards for VCE compatibility,...
     initialized base, after: 0.019s
    x264 tab,...
     initialized x264 tab, after: 0.009s
    DivX265 tab,...
     initialized DivX265 tab, after: 0.001s
    x265 tab,...
     initialized x265 tab, after: 0.01s
    SVT HEVC tab,...
     initialized SVT HEVC tab, after: 0.003s
    SVT HEVC tab,...
     initialized SVT AV1 tab, after: 0.004s
    xvid tab,...
     initialized xvid tab, after: 0.005s
    VPX tab,...
     initialized VPX tab, after: 0.004s
    av1 tab,...
     initialized VPX tab, after: 0.005s
    rave1 tab,...
     initialized rav1e tab, after: 0.002s
    ProRes tab,...
     initialized ProRes tab, after: 0.001s
    Kvazaar tab,...
     initialized Kvazaar tab, after: 0.003s
    FFNVEnc tab,...
     initialized FFNVEnc tab, after: 0.003s
    FFV1 tab,...
     initialized FFV1 tab, after: 0s
    png tab,...
     initialized png tab, after: 0s
    UT Video tab,...
     initialized UT Video tab, after: 0s
    FFvHuff tab,...
     initialized FFvHuff tab, after: 0s
    DNxHD tab,...
     initialized DNxHD tab, after: 0s
    CFHD tab,...
     initialized CFHD tab, after: 0s
    resize/crop tab,...
     initialized resize/crop tab, after: 0.005s
    filter tab,...
     initialized filter tab, after: 0.019s
    subtitle tab,...
     initialized subtitle tab, after: 0.004s
    audio tab,...
     initialized audio tab, after: 0.007s
    tag tab,...
     initialized tag tab, after: 0.001s
    chapter tab,...
     initialized chapter tab, after: 0.001s
    job tab,...
     initialized job tab, after: 0.002s
    bitrate calculator,...
     initialized bitrate calculator, after: 0s
    main tab,...
     initialized main tab, after: 0.029s
    selection helper,...
     initialized selection helper, after: 0s
    job creator and manager,...
     initialized job tab, after: 0s
    muxing tab,...
     initialized muxing tab, after: 0s
    misc tab,...
     initialized misc tab, after: 0s
  Initializing tool-tip stopper
all tabs are initialized, after 0.135s
  init model defaults
   loading defaults for DNxHDModel
    finished loading DNxHDModel: 0.00100000
   loading defaults for CFHDModel
    finished loading CFHDModel: 0.00000000
   loading defaults for VPXModel
    finished loading VPXModel: 0.00700000
   loading defaults for MainTabModel
    finished loading MainTabModel: 0.00300000
   loading defaults for Rav1eModel
    finished loading Rav1eModel: 0.00300000
   loading defaults for SvtHevcModel
    finished loading SvtHevcModel: 0.00600000
   loading defaults for GlobalDataModel
    finished loading GlobalDataModel: 0.16300000
   loading defaults for SubtitleModel
    finished loading SubtitleModel: 0.00700000
   loading defaults for FilteringModel
    finished loading FilteringModel: 0.02800000
   loading defaults for x265Model
    finished loading x265Model: 0.01300000
   loading defaults for MuxingModel
    finished loading MuxingModel: 0.00000000
   loading defaults for SvtAv1Model
    finished loading SvtAv1Model: 0.01200000
   loading defaults for UTVideoModel
    finished loading UTVideoModel: 0.00100000
   loading defaults for FFV1Model
    finished loading FFV1Model: 0.00100000
   loading defaults for TagModel
    finished loading TagModel: 0.00200000
   loading defaults for AomencModel
    finished loading AomencModel: 0.00800000
   loading defaults for DivX265Model
    finished loading DivX265Model: 0.00200000
   loading defaults for ChapterModel
    finished loading ChapterModel: 0.00000000
   loading defaults for JobManagerModel
    finished loading JobManagerModel: 0.00100000
   loading defaults for PNGModel
    finished loading PNGModel: 0.00000000
   loading defaults for x264Model
    finished loading x264Model: 0.01100000
   loading defaults for KvazaarModel
    finished loading KvazaarModel: 0.00700000
   loading defaults for FFvHuffModel
    finished loading FFvHuffModel: 0.00100000
   loading defaults for AudioModel
    finished loading AudioModel: 0.01700000
   loading defaults for ProResModel
    finished loading ProResModel: 0.00300000
   loading defaults for FFNVEncModel
    finished loading FFNVEncModel: 0.00500000
   loading defaults for xvidModel
    finished loading xvidModel: 0.00300000
  loading Defaults took: 0.31700000
    setDetected took: 0.00200000
checking consistency, finished after: 0.02300000
    adjustAll: 0.02400000
  Setting detected cpu count
Current defaultOutputPath: is empty!
  -> Set it under Config->Path
    refreshing profiles and av combos,...
     refreshed profiles and combos, after: 0s
Refreshing command line views
  finished refreshing command line views: 0.00300000
checking tools,..
  checking for tool infos,...
   -> got no version info for: faac
   check for missing (1): Xvid
checking for 'Xvid'
WhichSearcher, looking for xvid_encraw
check file for xvid_encraw in /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid
  checking for(1): /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid/xvid_encraw
  -> doesn't exist,..
check file for xvid_encraw in /usr/bin
  checking for(1): /usr/bin/xvid_encraw
  -> doesn't exist,..
which call: which xvid_encraw
checking consistency, finished after: 0.00500000
Loading last position from: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/HybridWindowGeometry
  loading images and setting font size
adjusting queue images, finished after: 0.01200000
'which' result:
emit singleToolPath Xvid is empty
checking for 'bdsup2sub++'
WhichSearcher, looking for BDSup2Sub.jar
check file for BDSup2Sub.jar in /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid
  checking for(1): /home/elaajjan/Downloads/hybrid/BDSup2Sub.jar
  -> doesn't exist,..
check file for BDSup2Sub.jar in /usr/bin
  checking for(1): /usr/bin/BDSup2Sub.jar
  -> doesn't exist,..
which call: which BDSup2Sub.jar
setting button images,...
  Setting button images, finished after: 0.11700000
Loading saved jobs,..
   added new job with id 2021-01-10@13_31_37_1910
   added new job with id 2021-01-10@13_33_27_2010
loading saved jobs, finished after: 0.12600000
Finished startup, finished after 1.21s

'which' result:
emit singleToolPath bdsup2sub++ is empty
Saving globals,..
checking consistency, finished after: 0.00300000
Check name: FrameCounter, path: ./FrameCounter, checkSingle: false
Check name: SVT-AV1, path: ./SvtAv1EncApp, checkSingle: false
Check name: aften, path: ./aften, checkSingle: false
Check name: faac, path: ./faac, checkSingle: false
Check name: vspipe, path: /usr/local/bin/vspipe, checkSingle: false
Check name: x265, path: ./x265, checkSingle: false
setting tool versions,..
updating tool versions,...
initiating extractors
saving tool infos
   deleted tool info file(1): /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/toolInfos.xml
  saved tool info to: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/toolInfos.xml
Closing Hybrid,..
saving tool infos
   deleted tool info file(1): /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/toolInfos.xml
  saved tool info to: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/toolInfos.xml
  saving current position
  -> saved current position to: /home/elaajjan/.hybrid/HybridWindowGeometry
Seems like the plugin path couldn't be detected, since I accidentally removed the search for it. :/
Assuming that '/home/elaajjan/opt/vapoursynth/plugins' exists, adjust your misc.ini file to

Cu Selur
(11.01.2021, 18:13)Selur Wrote: Seems like the plugin path couldn't be detected, since I accidentally removed the search for it. :/
Assuming that '/home/elaajjan/opt/vapoursynth/plugins' exists, adjust your misc.ini file to

Cu Selur

It worked, thanks!

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