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[HELP] .bik cannot generate an output file
I use the pc version of Hybrid

I was converting a .bik video file from portal 2 but when i was gonna generate the file i got this error.

" 11_31_01_6310_02_audio crashed:ERROR: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\iId_6_aid_0_DELAY_-43ms_11_31_01_6310_02.aac was not created! "

I also tried to in "Audio Handling" to set it to "ignore" but then i got this error.

" -> 11_32_07_3310_03_video crashed:ERROR: C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\11_32_07_3310_03.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte) "

When i try to use the "Avisynth preview" i get these errors in order.

" Avisynth preview error: Avisynth error C:\User\Admin\AppData\Local/Temp\tempPreviewAvisynthFile11_44_39_301_tmp.avs: "

" Avisynth preview error: Script error: MDegrain1 does not have a named argument "isb" "

" Avisynth preview error: (E:\Hybrid\avisnthPlugins\QTMC-3.33.avsi, line 586) "

" Avisynth preview error: Avisynth error (C:\User\Admin\AppData\Local/Temp\tempPreviewAvisynthFile11_44_39_301_tmp.avs, line 34) "

" Avisynth preview error: Coundn't import - 1 (1): egrain 1 does not have a named argument "lsb" "

" Avisynth preview error: (E:\Hybrid\avisnthPlugins\QTMC-3.33.avsi, line 586) "

" Avisynth preview error: Avisynth error (C:\User\Admin\AppData\Local/Temp\tempPreviewAvisynthFile11_44_39_301_tmp.avs, line 34) "
Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.
QTMC-3.33.avsi <- that file isn't included inside any current Hybrid release, so best:
  1. read the sticky
  2. de-install your current Hybrid version
  3. install the latest Hybrid version for your OS.
  4. if the problems still occur, create a separate debug output for each of the problems, compress the debug outputs and attach them here

Cu Selur

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