2017.12.27.1 dont showing progress during hevc conversion.
I try convert video using nvenc and progress during h265 conversion is not visible in latest version of hybrid.
I attach debug output.
will look into it,..
Ok.Thanks.I wait for your reply.
Okay, I know why it happens.
The way NVEncC outputs the current progress changed from:
"210 frames: 481.65 fps, 261.33 kbps"
"914 frames: 196.86 fps, 1534 kbps, GPU 9%, VE 39%"
which breaks Hybrid parsing of the output. Smile
Will send you a link to a dev version once I adjusted Hybrid to it.

Cu Selur
    Hybrind wont start when im running it as non admin user.Crashes randomly even when i start as admin.I cant use Neroaacenc because its not present in hybrid.I tried reset tools cache or whatever is called with no success.No nero in hybrid.

EDIT:Ok it is visible now in audio section.I added path manually in Tools section.Now i test conversion.
EDIT2:Its visible but i cant select high efficiency V2 profile in nero aac.Its not visible and high efficiency was visible after switchint to mp3 and back to aac format.
Sorry i forgot downmix to stereo to use that option.My bad Tongue.
NEVER start Hybrid with administration rights unless you plan to reinstall your system.

Quote:I cant use Neroaacenc because its not present in hybrid.
Yes, Hybrid doesn't come with Nero, since their license doesn't allow it.

Just found a bug, which breaks Avisynth on that version. Smile

Try restarting Hybrid, for Hybrid to fully support neroaacenc one you added it. (to the appropriate folder or save it's path)
Now nero and progress works but doo something with crash on start without admin permissions.
Deinstall Hybrid, completely.
Install it again.
Copy your neroaacenc file into the Hybrid 64bit folder.
Start Hybrid, if it crashes give me more details.

Cu Selur
I deinstalled it using iobit uninstaller completly cleaned but during installation of dev version there is no reset to defaults option.Conversion ended and i reinstall again.One more option not workin.I almost forgot it.I cant drag & drop input files to hybrid like in older versions.
What OS are you using?

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