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problem with QTGMC (Avisynth)
By default QTGMC Preset Sharpness set is 0.2.
I can change it for example to 0,9.
But after restert Hybrid this value again becoming 0,2
Did you tell Hybrid to save the setting into the defaults?
Hybrid by default doesn't remember anything you configure apart from the tool locations.
You might want to read: [INFO] About profiles and saving settings,.....

Cu Selur
I have checked "Auto save defaults". Changing of any other filters options is retained after restarting Hybrid.
I tried reproducing it by:
  • starting Hybrid
  • settings "Filtering->Support" to Avisynth
  • settings 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->QtGMC Avisynth->Preset' to 'Custom'
  • settings 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->QtGMC Avisynth->Sharpness' to 0.9
  • enabling 'Config->Profiles->Auto save defaults'
  • closing Hybrid
  • starting Hybrid
  • checking Filtering,..
'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->QtGMC Avisynth->Sharpness' was still set to '0.9'.
If you change 'Filtering->(De-)Interlace/Telecine->QtGMC Avisynth->Preset' afterwards it will reset to 1.0,...

=> Sorry, can't reproduce.

Cu Selur
I found: Preset "Sharpness" itself is established to 0,2 from any other value when I Change Preset "Source Maiching" from "Off" to any other setting. When Preset "Source Maiching" set any setting, I can set any value in the Preset "Sharpness" until restart Hybrid or until change Preset "Source Maiching".
If this is the correct behavior of this filter, then need to make the value box "Sharpness" inactive when Preset "Source Maiching" set values "basic", "refined", "2xrefined".
Default sharpness is 1.0, or 0.2 if using source-match.
So when you change the SourceMatching, Hybrid changes the Sharpness to 0.2.
There seems to be the problem. When SourceMatching is set to something other than 'off' the value isn't properly reloaded from the saved model.
-> will look into it over the weekend.

Cu Selur
With last version problem still exist.
maybe I remember to look into it this weekend Smile

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