[HELP] Resize doesn't seem to be working
(09.09.2018, 15:13)Selur Wrote:
Quote:NOTA : isn't it strange that when I open the video with the wrong PAR, we can't see this wrong PAR in the upper-right panel  ("base/video") ?
But you do,.. the reported PAR was 1 <> 1:1, it's just not the correct PAR for your source. -> broken/wrong headers


I checked  : I didn't see this information in Hybrid (in the 'upper' right panel in "base/video")

[Image: t-9af4k0lbAl]

where is it written please ?


(09.09.2018, 19:42)weyb06 Wrote: ok i'll print that & read it tomorrow "wenn ich in der Ruhe werde..." Rolleyes

hi again,

not easy...
but i'll try to remember where it is to avoid to ask you the same question later...

Quote:where is it written please ?
see attached image,...

Cu Selur

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it is where I looked for (like the picture i posted on wetransfer - but it doesn't seem to have appeared in my previous post)
but i don't understand, because it's written "1", not "1 <> 1:1" Huh
so where did you see that ? how did you guess the header was broken ?

No it shows 'PAR 1' but that is the same as '1:1'. Wink
Broken/wrong headers was easy since you content looked distorded and with a typical NTSC SD resolution that normally means someone (or some tool) messed up and didn't properly flag the content.

Cu Selur

so you guessed by experience, you didn't see it written somewhere with any tool ?

Yes. Experience and the knowledge what PARs are used by what standard.
There is no way for Hybrid to such a think since it would require special image analysis steps.

Cu Selur

I have a strange problem with the final look of an encoded file.
Here is what I did :

  1. load a source with a corrected PAR (1x1) - following your previous advice in this post
  2. adjust PAR : crop/resize->base->Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)->Input PAR 1x1
  3. do cropping and filter : crop/resize->base->picture crop->(694x476) I erased the black bars on the left & at the bottom of the movie
  4. add chapter points and name them according to the episode
  5. configure audio to passthrough all &video to NVEnc
  6. NVEnc->Misc->key frames for chapters enabled --> i saw the qp file information in the Jobs tab
  7. encode the file
  8. i check the encoded & chapterized result before going on : the circle of the Warner Bros logo is not round anymore, it's a little stretched (flat) when I look at it with VLC

  [Image: sad.png]

hybrid version : 2018.10.05.1

the log is here

Is this still the file I ad a look at, because overwriting the input PAR isn't always a good idea.

no it is an other one
I have MANY videos with a wrong PAR.

what i did :
  1. I took a video with a wrong PAR
  2. I did as you adviced here ("Crop/Resize->Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)->Input PAR" to "8x9") - without encoding, & saved the result as a new file
  3. I took this new file as source to add chapters...
so you say that I should also do "Crop/Resize->Pixel Aspect Ratio (PAR)->Input PAR" to "8x9" at the last step ? the PAR 1x1 hasn't been stored in step 2 ?

Do not blindly change the PAR,...
If the input PAR if wrong, use the Vapoursynth Preview and try the different values for the input par and stick with the correct value for that source, don't assume that's the right value for every source.

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