[HELP] Resize doesn't seem to be working
About PAR, SAR, DAR:
I would recommand to:
a. make sure that the Input PAR is correct
b. do not disable any of the of the automation setting
Hybrid does the calculation properly.

Quote:"crop/resize->base->Pixel Aspect Ratio->input PAR = 8x9" - which worked, and the result is a 720x480 video with a PAR=0,889 (NOTA : with this solution we don't need to encode, so it's quicker !)
You can remux this way. Remember if you want to split your content you need the reencoding to make sure the key frames are where they need to be.

Quote:Let's suppose i take now the 720x480 video with a PAR=0,889 as source.

Quote:the only thing i see to do is to set the 2 crop parameters + set the input PAR during an encoding task, right ?
cropping: correct
input PAR: The 'Input PAR' should be properly read from the input no need to mess with it.
If you don't need the 'Output PAR' to be 1:1 your should make sure 'convert to PAR' is disabled, otherwise it needs to be enabled and set to 'Square Pixel (1:1)'.

Quote:so the result should be 696x476 with a PAR=0,889, right ?

Quote:My understanding is that it isn't a problem to have a video with a PAR <> 1 ?
No, shouldn't be a problem any media player nowadays should handle PAR 1:1 and anamorphic PARs without a problem.

Quote:won't it be a problem if i split this video in multiple videos ?
It should not. The PAR should be the same as the complete file for each part.

Cu Selur

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