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Hi Selur,

Ich hab mal versucht Hybrid direkt aus dem Terminal mit Videofile-Input zu starten:
Funktioniert leider nicht, oder ich mach was falsch:
$ Hybrid -global "/home/user/.hybrid/profiles/global/x264_custom_ac3_downmix_speech.xml" -autoAdd "/media/c3_Record/test.mkv"
  no file '/home/user/misc.ini' found,..
  no file '/home/user/.hybrid/misc.ini' found,..
 No misc.ini file used,..
 Hybrid 2018.08.02.1 by Selur
 Pre-GUI initialization starting 18:52:58.075
 Checking for styles,...
 Checking for inputs,...
 Checking for global profile,...
 Got global profile '/home/user/.hybrid/profiles/global/x264_custom_ac3_downmix_speech.xml' from command line.
  found global: x264_custom_ac3_downmix_speech
 Checking for debug level,...
 Checking for auto add,...
 ignored autoAdd: /media/c3_Record/test.mkv
 Loading resources:
  model versions,...
  raw video file extensions,...
  raw audio file extensions,...
  raw subtitle file extensions,...
  cuda capable cards,..
  ogg extensions,...
  wmv extensions,...
  mp4 extensions,...
  mp3 extensions,...
  mpeg extensions,...
  tsMuxeR extensions,...
  raw output extensions,...
  mov extensions,...
  matroska extensions,...
  additional mkv tags,...
  format <> number mapping,...
  avc level -> vbv max bitrate mapping,...
  avc level -> max mps mapping,...
  avc level -> max buffer mapping,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for main tier,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for high tier,...
  avc level -> max dpb mapping for level,...
  avc level -> max frame size mapping,...
  qtgmc 720x576 memory usage
  qtgmc 1280x720 memory usage
  qtgmc 1920x1080 memory usage
  DNxHD profiles,...
  Avisynth model combis,...
  fraction lists,...
  fraction conversions,...
 Creating application,...
  setting application path,...
  application home: /usr/bin
  application data path: /home/user/.hybrid
 '/usr/share/vsscripts' doesn't exist,..
 GUI initialization starting 18:52:58.087
 connecting model handler,..
 GUI Initialization
 init system handler,...
  Collecting fonts available on system
 init folders,...
 set global directories,...
 init message handler,..
 Initializing the message handlers,...
 init helpers,..
 current settings path: /home/user/.hybrid
  custom fonts folder(3):/home/user/.local/share/fonts
 Vapoursynth script path:
  -> detected no Vapoursynth,..
  looking for avisynth extension, version 20180722
  -> no complete wine environment found,..
 'avisynth avilable(1): false
  -> detected no avisynth extension,..
  Initializing MainWindow
  Initializing helpers
  Initializing preview
  preview set global profile
  preview set vo mode
  preview set ao mode
  preview preview settings
  checking ssl mail support
  checking irc message support
  init shudown/hibernate support
  checking shutdown timer
  checking hibernate timer
  init mkv font extractor
 Initializing tabs
 all tabs are initialized
  loading images and setting font size
 Setting button images,...
 Loading saved jobs,..
  init model defaults
 checking for DivX265
QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver
 checking for FLVExtractCL
 checking for MP4Box
 checking for aften
 checking for bdsup2sub++
 checking for dcaenc
 checking for delaycut
 checking for fdkaac
 checking for ffmbc
 checking for kvazaar
 checking for lsdvd
 checking for mp4fpsmod
 checking for neroAacEnc
 checking for nvhsp
 checking for oggenc
 checking for opusenc
 checking for telxcc
 checking for tsMuxeR
 checking for wine
Empty filename passed to function
 Check name: FrameCounter, path: ./FrameCounter, checkSingle: false
 Check name: faac, path: ./faac, checkSingle: false
 Check name: x265, path: ./x265, checkSingle: false
 setting tool versions,..
 updating tool versions,...
 updating tool versions,...
Speicherzugriffsfehler (Speicherabzug geschrieben)

Gruß ggrub
Du nutzt autoAdd falsch.
-> Werde Hybrid aber so anpassen, dass es unerlaubte Werte einfach ignoriert und nicht abschmiert.
Ok, wie muß denn das Kommando aussehen damit es funktioniert ?

Ich will einfach nur Hybrid mit einer Videodatei starten.
Wie ich es im Kopf habe:
autoAdd hat zwei Modes 'add' und 'addStart'
Hybrid -autoAdd add "Pfad zur Datei"
fügt die den Input zur Queue hinzu, mit 'addStart' wird die Queue auch noch gestartet.

Was Du vermutlixh willst wäre einfach:
Hybrid "Pfad zur Datei"

Sehe aber gerade, dass da noch ein Bug ist weshalb Hybrid deaktiviert bleibt.
-> gucke mal drauf

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