[HELP] Please help me deinterlace my stupid NTSC DVD cartoons

for me it looks like the blurred image on the web site (= 1st image of "Deinterlacing methods"), no ?

I think i understood what interlacing is : mixing 2 fields in 1 single frame (to save data to store ?)...
...but i'm not sure to recognize visually if smthg is interlaced or if it's an other artefact  Sad

here is an extract of the cartoon.
each time smthg moves, if you pause, you'll see it "double"
OK, i agree that we don't see "lines" ie. "mice teeth"...

EDIT : you can see it also when there's a change of scene.

Quote:for me it looks like the blurred image on the web site (= 1st image of "Deinterlacing methods"), no ?
That image shows the output of the deinterlacer not the input, so applying a deinterlacer again on that output doesn't make sense.

Quote:OK, i agree that we don't see "lines" ie. "mice teeth"...
That and that the content isn't flagged as interlaced should be a good hint that it isn't.
When there are no visible separated fields, deinterlacing is usually the wrong approach.

-> try using: Vapoursynth->Other->Restore->sRestore with 'Frate' enabled and set to 24 (or 25 or 23.976).
This will try to reduce the ghosting and output the selected frame rate of images without ghosting.

Cu Selur

none of the framerates I tried changed anything Sad

Strange seemed to work for me,..
You tried this on the full clip not the short sample you send me right?
huh... no only on the short sample...
I didn't think it could react differently...
i'm doing it on the full video file (6 cartoons in total)
Restore can only fix ghostings if there are enough good frames around them, so it couldn't fix the beginning of the clip,..
You don't have to run it on the whole 6 cartoons, but you should run it on a whole cartoon.
ah ok i understood !

so, attached a capture with Frate = 23,976... Sad
i'll try other Frate this week-end

But the video is from a LD which I digitalized myself with a device connected to the computer, I encoded it afterwards in order to reduce the size, but i didn't change the framerate, so 29,970 (<- MediaInfo) should be the original framerate, no ?


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Old cartoons were more like created at 15-18 fps, just because you capture something at X fps doesn't make that the correct one,...
If you save those cartoons interlaced and then blend deinterlace or simply add linear/blended interpolations to archive a higher frame rate you got ghosting,..

yes i realised after that what i said was incorrect...

I did "nothing" special except digitalise the LDs (in mpeg2 if i remember well), then convert the output in .avi to save space...
I neither knew what interlacing was, neither had the tools in '03 to do smthg special (change the framerate,...)...

i'm surprised (and full of hope) that you succeeded !
that means there's a way to correct that - i just have to find it...
the other parameters are :
- Omode : 6
- speed : 9
- Thresh : 16

I tried Frate = 23,976 / 24,000 / 25,000 on the 1st coyote cartoon - without any improvment Sad

Attached a screenshot at 01:18.960 - it was the 3 times the same (i converted 3 times to 3 different files)
would you like to have the .avi source file ?


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Busy atm. but if you send me a link to the avi, I can look into it over the weekend.

Cu Selur

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