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[HELP] insert chapters
Hello again,

i have a file containing multiple cartoons, so I'd like to insert chapters so that Hybrid will "add a different job to the job queue for each chapter"... [VERY GREAT feature !!! Big Grin ]
I see how to add chapters, but the way to encode/cut each chapter is still gray... Confused 

does that mean I have to do this in 2 steps :
- add chapters without encoding (audio/video passthrough)
- encode the previous result
--> and there's no way to put them in the job queue as you need the result of the 1st as input of the 2nd...

no way to do that in 1 step only ?

Yes, Hybrid only supports encoding chapters when these are set on the input. (Chapters should always start at key frames.)
Hybrid does have an experimental Cut support which allows to encode portions of a source.
-> This is the way it is, if that's a problem you are out of luck.

Cu Selur
it's already a quite complete tool !
I just have to find the best/quickest way/tool to put chapters...

I don't know why, I can't insert chapters in a cartoon with passthrough (extract here)
the drawing is gray Sad
so i can't click on it
I followed your advices :
  • Base->Processing->Video/Audio->passthrough
  • add chapter points and name them
  • enable Config->Output->Filename Generation->Output Filename Generation->Use chapter names
  • enable Base->Generate
if needed, the log is here

I tried with an other longer video, same story Sad

I wrote you should add the chapter points during the recompression not during the passthrough step, so that the start of each chapter will be a key frame.
The 'Queue title' option is only available if the source already has chapters, since it assumes the chapters then have been placed on key frames.

Cu Selur

what a fool I am !!!
of course yes, you're right !!!
i mistook "insert chapter" with "make a different video for each chapter"...
(it was late yesterday evening after a long, disturbing & tiring week-end, so I was tired...)

Sorry - & fortunately, you give me the solution quickly !

BTW : sometimes, I need to add chapters without encoding...

hi again,

Like I said, I need sometimes to cut a file & not encode it - when it's already encoded, but I have 2 issues...

what I did :
- loaded a H265 encoded file containing 3 cartoons
- added 3 chapters with the names of the cartoons
- set audio/video to passthrough
- created & started a job --> result ok with 3 chapters
- I put the result in Hybrid
- let audio/video to passthrough
- enabled Config->Output->Filename Generation->Output Filename Generation->Use chapter names (--> it's always checked)
- enabled Base->Generate (it's always cheked)
- hit 'Queue Chapters' & started the queue

All seems ok, I have 3 little video files, but :
- the chapter names are not in the video filenames (fe. I have "720x480_ld5-8.PAR corrigé.h265_Hybrid_crf23.insertChapt_Chapter 3.insertChapt") --> what wrong did I do ? I re-checked to see if I forgot smthg, but no... --> do I have to "save" them in clicking on smthg ? I clicked on the big "+" to add them in the main window, is it ok or is there smthg else to do ?
- I can watch only the 1st video file, the 2 others make VLC crash

It's not the 1st time that VLC crashes reading a part (but not the 1st one) of a long H265 video file that I have cut with a tool (like I just did tonight with Hybrid), so I wonder if a H265 video file can be cut in parts...

Will look into the naming, but I warned you that cutting without reencoding can cause problems since this doesn't guarantee that the chapters start at key frames.

to be more precise :
"adding chapters without reencoding..." or "cutting without reencoding" ?

because the method you gave here is "cutting without reencoding", no ?
or did I miss smthg ?

You totally miss:
a. the key-frames
b. that there is cut support in Hybrid for single cuts

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