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[HELP] Outdated SVP-AVS script Error: "Didn't find a 'Frame rate' info node!"
Okay with the dev version you gave me I'm still having this issue, so I thought it's time to adress it.
Basically when I open the AVS script as a source it gives me this error upon analysis. As I already mentioned, the Win64 v.2018.06.23.1 that I was using before didn't have this problem, so some form of backwards compatibility would be nice if possible.
Make sure your script returns the variable you want to return.
for example:
return last
you can call:
"C:\Program Files\Hybrid Video Converter\32bit\avsInfo.exe" "F:\script.avs"
to test whether the script can be analysed properly.

-> not a bug in Hybrid

Cu Selur
It's definetly Hybrid version related. At least it is fixed by using one version and returns in the later ones on the very same scripts.
The info Hybrid used comes from avsInfo, haven't changed the code of that for ages (last change was 25th of August 2015).
Might be something in Avisynth changed in the background, but all the code related to this in Hybrid hasn't changed since then too.

Cu Selur
Hm. Do you by any chance happen to have Win64 2018.06.23.1 distrib so I could test it? Cannot seem to find it anywhere and I just deleted my copy of the distrib today.
upd: the command you gave me results in "Script error: There is no function named 'SetMTMode'"
You best change is over at videohelp:

btw. about the script:
DirectShowSource("\", fps=25, convertfps=true).ConvertToYV12()
just looks wrong.
2. Using DirectShowSource might work or not depending on the directshow filter which are installed on your system, so if you change drivers or de-/install directshow filters it might change whether that script works or not.

Cu Selur
Yeah you're right as always - having the same issue with the old version. Looks like I remembered it wrong.
So, you recommend checking directshow filter? And how exactly do I do that?
My recommendation would be to:
a. not use DirectShowSource at all, better user FFmpegSource or LWLibavVideoSource
b. return your the variable you want at the end of the script in example 'return last'
c. alternatively simply use interframe through Vapoursynth directly in Hybrid

Cu Selur

Ps.: If you really want to make DirectShowSource working you need to make sure the DirectShowFilters you need are available as 32bit (Hybrid uses Avisynth 32bit), by in example installing 32bit ffdshow or similar.
The thing is I'm just using scripts created by SVP because I have more experience tweaking those via the SVP manager gui.
I've tried using Avisynth in Hybrid, but the artifacts were more noticeable than with SVP scripts.
So I'd prefer to try and figure out sources, but for that I'm gonna need your help on step-by-step level and I wouldn't want to mess with my SVP setup as well. So what do you think?
At least direction to some guides.
No clue about guides, if you use the SVP gui, to tweak your setting you can tell Hybrid to use those settings,.. (under Filtering->Avisynth->Frame->FPS Adjust->Interframe->Overwrite)

Cu Selur

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