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[HELP] Outdated SVP-AVS script Error: "Didn't find a 'Frame rate' info node!"
So how is this string of parameters related to those SVP manager options? It's not totally clear to me.
Those are the parameter you set in your script,..
global super_params="{scale:{up:0},gpu:1,rc:false}"
global analyse_params="{block:{w:8,h:8},main:{search:{coarse:{distance:-10,bad:{range:0}}}},refine:[{thsad:250}]}"
global smoothfps_params="{rate:{num:12,den:5},algo:23,mask:{area:25,cover:80},scene:{mode:0}}"

Cu Selur
Ah yeah now I see. So it's a complete alternative to opening the script as a source that allows a detour around script incompatibility due to absence of values.
Or are there nuances?
No clue don't use this myself, implemented it a while ago when someone asked whether these settings could be used in Hybrid, so as far as I know this would work as good as your old script did, but I don't know for sure.

Cu Selur
It doesn't seem to be working for me at all - I can see the fps difference between source with SVP on and the video processed from it with those settings. Looks like it just doubles some frames instead of calculating intermediate ones. Which brings me back to script analysis compatibility.
Or you could explain to me how to switch between DirectShowSource / FFmpegSource / LWLibavVideoSource
In your script?
DirectShowSource("\", fps=25, convertfps=true).ConvertToYV12()
Is the line which should load the input assuming "\" is replaced with to the input.

That line consists of two calls.
1st one is to DirectShowSource (
2nd one is to ConvertToYv12 (

Looking at the DirectShowSource-call, the fps=25 parameter together with the converfps=true makes sure that the input is 25fps with constant frame rate. This is probably okay for vfr content which should be 25fps but for anything else this seems wrong.
If you wanted to use FFMpegVideoSource (, you would use:
FFMpegVideoSource ("Path to your file", fpsnum =25)
instead. (You also would need to make sure ffms2.dll would be properly imported and create an index file beforehand with ffindex.)
LoadCPlugin("Path to ffms2.dll")
FFVideoSource("Path to your file",cachefile="Path to index file",fpsnum=25)

Similar is true when you wanted to use LWLibavVideoSource, here you would then use
LoadPlugin("Path to LSMASHSource.dll"))
LWLibavVideoSource("Path to your file",cache=false,format="YUV420P8")

Quote:Which brings me back to script analysis compatibility.
What? Problem with your script is:
a. it uses DirectShowSource (which relies on installed 32bit DirectShow Filters)
b. it doesn't clearly return a value, which causes a problem for avsInfo (adding 'return last' at the last line in the script might fix that)
c. it doesn't open any file since "\" isn't a path to a file,...

Cu Selur

Ps.: Tip: Hybrid shows the Avisynth script it uses if Filtering->Support is set to Avisynth and you click on 'Show current Avisynth script'.
Actually I was right the first time - 2018.06.23.1 accepted the script after I fixed source file path, so, in my understanding, it is a Hybrid related difference after all.
As to other ways to fix the script that you proposed, none of them worked, but there's a high chance that the reason behind this is my own ineptitude.
I also have a suspecion that the source file path problem may be related to the source being DVD - I'm not sure at which of the files it should point and neither SVP.
So I just use a workaround: first I encode the DVD onto a file with desireable properties and original fps and then create a script for that to re-encode adding intermediate frames.
I hope it will help somebody one day.
Not surprised that DirectShowSource has problems with DVD input. Smile
DirectShowSource could be fed with a filtergraph, but that's way more complicatedn then simply remux the DVD using MakeMKV or similar to mkv before reencoding.
What did change since then is the svp dlls used. -> you could try whether it helps to replace the current dlls with the old ones.

Cu Selur
Btw sorry for the offtopic, but is there a way to open a temporary .265 file as a video source or create a que that will use the existing one?
I was encoding a video overnight and my cue appears to be stuck at "creating mp4 file with MP4Box", pausing and resuming it won't do anything and I'd prefer to avoid encoding it all over again for many hours since I already have the ready to use temporary. It gives me "Aborting since Hybrid could not identify the frame cound of the input!"

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