resetting 'Input PAR' ?

just to speak about a strange thing, and to know if it's "normal" or not.

1/I encoded a video and set "crop/resize->base->Pixel Aspect Ratio->input PAR = 8x9" & "picture crop" pramaters.
2/after this, I loaded a new video with a PAR=1 (seen in "base" window),
3/I disabled everything in "crop/resize->base" (ie. Pixel Aspect Ratio->convert output to PAR", "resize", "picture crop"), but i still have "crop/resize->base->Pixel Aspect Ratio->input PAR = 8x9"

I thought that loading a video set these parameters automatically, no ?

Or I should invert 2/ and 3/ ?


EDIT : no, it's the same
Seems like a bug, they should be reset,..
best close Hybrid between encoding and loading the output for the moment,..
fixed this locally, so next dev version I send you should be fine, but I'll try to fix the splitting+asynch issue first.

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