[GUIDE] profile Vs configuration method

I'd like to understand something about the different "profiles" available in Hybrid :
- we can create a configuration on each '<video codec>' tab (ex : 'NVEnc')
- we can create a A/V Combo on the 'Config' tab
- we can create a Global profile on this tab too
- there are already defined Models on this tab also

so i'm a little lost...
--> how do they interact between them ? does a profile contain a model ?

Maybe the old profiles i created could be linked to the previous problem i had (add chapters + splitting), & i wouldn't repeat this now that it works  Rolleyes creating a "profile" to encode+add chapters, & an other one to split (& an other one just to encode...)

kind regards
Please, read the 'Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..'-sticky before you post about a problem.
Seems like you did read and understand [INFO] About profiles and saving settings,.... ?

Quote:Defaults, default values which get automatically loaded when Hybrid is started
Defaults contains all, not internally marked 'temporal' (= source depended) data entries of Hybrid (which are saved inside different models).

Quote:Global Profiles, like the defaults a global profile cotains all settings in the you, but unlike the defaults it will not be automatically loaded
says it all

Quote:Specific Profiles, contain either audio or video configurations of a specific tab, here is an example for the x264 tab
This is what you can save under 'Configuration' in for example the NVEnc-tab.

Quote:AV-Combo-Profiles, combine an audio and video profile
So you save an audio configuration, a video configuration and combine them to one configuration,...

Quote:how do they interact between them ?
the above should answer this,..

Quote:does a profile contain a model ?
The audio and video configurations basically save the specific audio/video settings by saving a copy of the model which belongs to it.


In general, always load profiles&co before loading a source,... if you don't get why, simply stay away from those options.

Cu Selur

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