[HELP] Filename overwrite
If I want to convert multiple files at once, each will give the first name and overwrite the rest. The last converted file will remain under the first name, the rest will be deleted.
Setup problem or bug?
Sounds like a usage problem, not enough details to ne sure.

Cu Selur
I have same problem.I drag and drop folder into hybrid containing whole season tv series.Each episode was renamed to the name of first analyzed video.After conversion i have name of first analyzed video e01 but containing e23 because it was the last converted and overwrites output.See the job generation process in hybrid output what i attached.Any video is renamed to the one and same name.Last debug outpud was ended on job generation process an i closed hybrid i think its enough.Im waiting for the new repaired version.Thanks for any help.
Tried to reproduce this by:
  • Starting Hybrid
  • Drag&Drop folder with multiple files into Hybrid
  • Setting Config->Path->Default output path
  • Enabling Base->Generate
  • Pressing Base->Add to queue
For each file a differently named output was created.

-> Need step by step instructions to reproduce this.

Cu Selur
Nothing in debug output?I haved output path chosen previously and saved as default.Also temp path is set to output path and saved previously.I can make all process again with debug output 9 if needed.Debug output 4 is enough?I also added audio as auto add first.I forgot that.Sorry.But in debug output is second try with passtrough or ignore audio i dont remember what i chose.

Selur u need debug outpud 9 for whole process?
There's might be something in the debug output, but since my steps work fine, blindly looking would take me hours.
So if you are not able to write down what you do, don't expect me to spend hours reading the debug output,..
Ok.I write here what i did.
1.Opened Hybrid
2.Dropped folder with 23 avi files.
3.Check  generate (path was setted previously and saved.temp path is set to output path)
4.I selected NVENC
5.I selected custom audio
6.In nvenc i set to h265 and selected constand quantizer 28/31/33
7.I set profile lvl to main10
8.I set encoder preset to quality and set gop size max to 250 lookahead to 32 and 10bit color output
9.Now i go to audio tab check the audio encoding options i do not touch nothing instead of bitrate to 32 kbits and complexity high efficiency v2 (its nero encoder)
10.Now Base tab and selected processing audio to auto add first.And pressed add to queue button.
11.I entered the jobs tab an i see each output job has the same output file name.
12.Now remove all jobs and close hybrid and attach debug outpud 9.

Seems to be that the for some reason the last renaming is what goes wrong for you.
Can't reproduce this here so far, will look into it more tomorrow.
Yes check this if You can wit debug output.For now i cant convert multiple files because that renaming process.Do You Dropped folder icon into hybrid or multiple files selected in folder?Maybe this is it?
I used drag&drop, doubt that that is the cause.

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