throws up cant-find popups when using mediainfo
After I drag and drop a file and it starts loading
I get a cant find ..tmp\mediainfo.txt box
a cant find ..\tmp\timecode?.??.?? box
a cant find ..\tmp\mediainfo.txt box

this has started after newest update to tools
(im assuming mediainfo is the culprit)

I haven't modified or changed anything.
It is happening across multiple machines running newer and older versions
of the linux kernel.

Thanks =)
Is mediaInfo installed?
What version of mediainfo?
What distribution did you use?
Did you install Hybrid through djcjs repository?

Cu Selur
Just use what hybrid installs itself. It is a binary file i think. As far as the program itself there are two versions of the program . one can be found on launchpad the other on mediaarea.
hybrid uses binary version (18.08) of the mediaarea version I beleve.

doing a full install of the launchpad version is easy. doing a full install of the other is a pain in the butt.

I have done a clean install of 16.04 ubuntu.
Everything I have currently is a fresh install of hybrid and all the tools and goodies that install with it.
It is from the djcj repo.
same problems in this install as well.

Try whether helps,...

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