[BUG] NVEncModel error at close on Hybrid 2018.11.05.1
Greetings. Is nice to see the forum back and running on https.  Smile  Now, i was just trying the newest version of Hybrid, namely Hybrid 2018.11.05.1 and I get an error on close about some NVEncModel being not found. I have no idea if this is important. I will post more updates on this thread if something unusual happens when I am using Hybrid 2018.11.05.1.

Here is a short video that shows the problem.
no really important, small bug that seems to happen due to some optimization I did to speedup startup and shutdown of Hybrid.

Thanks for reporting.

Cu Selur
@Tyr Antilles: Tried to reproduce this here, but couldn't.
Does it go away if you save the defaults before saving?
Do you load some profile or anything?

-> managed to reproduce the problem Smile (will fix)

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