[INFO] properties of a video
i'll try again then...

and 'Tags->Streams->audio stream->Language' = "xxx" can't be stored so (Tag-queue) ?

NOTA : i'd like to store it in a profile as i have dozens of files to split & tag... Confused
It can be stored in the tag-queue, but the tag queue can't be saved into a profile.
iirc this might be archivable through manually changing the default profile, since from the looks of it the functionallity seems to be still there, but isn't available throught the gui.

In details, one would habe to set:
a. 'saveTagInfos' to 'true' inside the 'GlobalDataModelDefaults.xml'
b. 'saveTags' to 'true' inside the 'TagModelDefaults.xml'
but be warned:
a. updating to a new version will probably remove those changes.
b. this option will vanish, once I get around to cleanup the code

Cu Selur

for me it's strange that :
- 'Tags->Container' tab has the parameter 'add container tags on job creation' which can be used for Name and Comment, which are often movie-specific parameters and rarely contain the same values,
- and that 'Tags->Stream' tab doesn't have it while it could to be used for 'audio stream->language' which is rarely movie-specific and could be used for plenty of movies...
--> it could be very useful to have also this parameter for the (audio) streams, no ?



PS : thank you for the way to change the profile manually, and as that means losing this with the next version, i have to hurry to make my jobs !!! :-)
The difference is:
Unless you use 'raw' as output container, the output always has a container, but the input doesn't always has to:
  • have the same number of streams as your last input,
  • have the same order of streams as your last input,
  • have the same characteristics for each stream as your last input.
Keeping input specific data doesn't make sense to me.
You want something like: always tag the Xth audio stream with language Y, which is something Hybrid doesn't support.
-> This won't change, if you need it use another tool.

Cu Selur

Q : is there a number of jobs limit in the job queue ?

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