File encodes but don't finish muxing the mkv
I have encountered another weird source file that can't be encoded correctly by Hybrid. If you want to look into it, see the attached PDF. Please let me know if you need the source files.


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Prodably a bug in the job processing.
Can look into it tomorrow in case you create a debug output level 9 of the job processing.
Unfortunately this I cannot do because this error appears only at the end of the conversion, and on my old i3-540 it takes forever. I won't start again this job. Np.
Okay, I'll simply ignore it then.

Cu Selur
Heh, the truth is, I Heart Hybrid too much and I would like to see it as perfect as possible! I left computer open this morning and it made a debug LVL9. It will be great if you will want to look on it when you have some spare time.   Smile
Until then, have fun on Christmas holiday and a great new year!
I'm getting the same problem after encoding on Windows Server 2016
I also have this problem with many videos. Hybrid encodes but don't finish muxing the mkv
I transcoded again a file that generated this muxing error using the latest version of Hybrid v.2019.01.06.1, and with the new version all is OK, no more errors. It looks like is solved. Thank you very much!

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