Custom avisynth dll

I'd like to add SuperResolution (avssr.dll) resize algorithm to the default ones, is it possible?

[Image: J2Hj95r.jpg]
You can't manually add a resizer to Hybrid.
In theory I could (realtively simple) add support for this, problem is this:
Quote:Licensing and registration.
Unregistered version draws some "watermarks" (stripes, actually) over
the video.
To use the plugin without the watermarks please run
which will show how to obtain a license and accept your registration code.
If you have our Super Resolution plugin for VirtualDub registered, than
this AviSynth plugin is free for you and it's already registered too.

If you've got a license for Video Enhancer, contact us and you'll
get your registration code for this plugin for free,

It also works the other way around: by getting a license for this AviSynth
plugin you automatically get VirtualDub plugin registered and you're
entitled to a free license for Video Enhancer.

© 2014 Infognition Co. Ltd.
source: readme.txt of the filter
So by default this would require one to register on their site or you would have a watermark inside the video.
(In general I don't plan to add support for filters which require a registration

Also last time I checked the filter, it wasn't better than using NNEDI3Resize or Waifu2x.

Cu Selur
In my personal tests ResampleHQ was slight better than SuperResolution (I purchased it) in normal condition.
SuperResolution is much better only when you double the dimensions. So, I hope you implement it
I was able (at least I hope so) to use it with a custom avisynth script. However, in this case, NVenc compression was by far slower.

In your opinion what's the better resize algorithm of Hybrid?

Just to be sure that I correctly apply avisynth resize, I do so:

- I check resize in Crop/Resize
  [Image: 9exEGFo.jpg]

- I select my resize avisynth algorithm in Filtering>Avisynth>Line
 [Image: n71EdTa.jpg]
ResampleHQ is meant for gamma-aware resizing not super resolution.
Sorry, support for SuperResolution won't happen.

Personally for super resolution I would probably:
a. use NNEDI3D
b. add some light sharpening.

also I would look over at doom9 ( whether there was some new method which could help.
Thought about adding support for waifu2x-caffe for some time now, but problem is due to the NVIDIA libraries it depends on, I coudn't distribute the dependencies with it and thus it's not really useful. :/

Cu Selur

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