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(Yesterday, 16:01)塞鲁尔 Wrote: 高兴地阅读粘滞并创建一个调试输出。


Hello, I didn't understand. When I output HDR 10 +, the situation of "CRASHED" still remains unresolved.

 we are ShenZhen Wistar technology company ,We are trying to output HDR 10 + format video. A lot of video coding software has been used, and none of them has this function. In Hybrid we found HDR 10+. But there has been a "CRASHED" situation. I think Hybrid is very powerful. When this project is completed, I will apply to the company for donation to you.

Welcome to China again


Jinhui  Peng
Problem is:
With the information you provided I'm not able to see what is causing the issue.

This is why I told you to:
a. read the sticky ( [INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..)
b. provide a 'debug output' (how to do this is described in the sticky)

That said, you can additionally try whether enabling: 'Config->Output->Container Settings->Mp4 Settings->FFmpeg instead of MP4Box' helps)

Cu Selur

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