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Can you make Jobs begin after the last Job has finished?
As the title asks, lets say you have 3 Jobs in the Job Queue.

Is there an option so that as soon as the top Job is done encoding it immediately begins the 2nd Job? And then after the 2nd, the 3rd?
That's the normal behavior unless, the first job crashes,..
(11.05.2019, 19:31)Selur Wrote: That's the normal behavior unless, the first job crashes,..

.... *sigh*, I'm an idiot. My apologies, thank you for making such a cool tool.
Hi =) Yes. This is how things used to work for me.
I recently updated from an older version to the latest.
It does not go from job to next job. Successful or not.
Ive tried changing a few "...whenever a job is finished"

Beyond that I havent got a clue what to do.

any help you could offer i would be most grateful for.
Without any details, my guess would be that the job in fact isn't finished and still contains some unfinished subjob due to a bug which causes Hybrid to create unneeded subjobs.
I will send you a link to my current dev version in a few minutes, delete old jobs and try again with the new version, in case the problem is still there provide a debug output level 9 of the job processing.
-> okay scratch that, you disabled PMs so I can't send you a link to my current dev version

Cu Selur

Ps.: if you enable PMs and tell me whether you use Windows or Linux I can send you a link later, after work.
To my mind there is a new feature that prevents Hybrid to start the next job.

It tries to clean up the file stats.mbtree that wasn't created thus the job isn't finished correctly and the next job won't start.
Not a new features a try to 'fix' an old feature. Smile

Cu Selur

Ps.: Will send you a link to my current dev version, in case that also doesn't work I would need the encoding call you used to reproduce the issue here.
Hi Selur,

I removed Hybrid with all settings and installed your dev. Neither the error when adding new jobs nor the problem deleting the stats.mbtree occurred again and the next job started as wanted.


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