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[BUG] Qaac error
I assume it's a bug

or copied the entire QTfiles64 folder Hybrid 64bit
to extract or use this file makeportable.cmd


t is no longer possible to configure quaac
instead using the previous version of Hybrid_2019.06.09.2 it works
you can check
my QTfiles64

It's working.

[Image: 1.jpg]
Works fine here,..
Verzeichnis von I:\Hybrid\64bit\QTfiles64

29.06.2019  16:10    <DIR>          .
29.06.2019  16:10    <DIR>          ..
03.05.2019  01:55            80.696 ASL.dll
03.05.2019  01:55         9.039.672 CoreAudioToolbox.dll
03.05.2019  01:55         2.229.560 CoreFoundation.dll
03.05.2019  01:55        27.159.352 icudt62.dll
03.05.2019  01:55           104.760 libdispatch.dll
03.05.2019  01:55         2.457.912 libicuin.dll
03.05.2019  01:55         1.579.320 libicuuc.dll
11.06.2011  01:15           608.080 msvcp100.dll
17.03.2016  22:54           639.808 msvcp140.dll
11.06.2011  01:15           829.264 msvcr100.dll
03.05.2019  01:55           237.368 objc.dll
17.03.2016  22:54            89.416 vcruntime140.dll
              12 Datei(en),     45.055.208 Bytes
               2 Verzeichnis(se), 206.102.962.176 Bytes frei
Hybrid takes the path to the qaac.exe and in case next to qaac is a folder named QTfiles64 it assumes that qaac can be used.
-> did you create the folder next to qaac.exe ?

Cu Selur
tried doing a clean install with the latest version of Hybrid_2019.08.25.1
the result does not change
qaac from problems is detected but not configurable

instead with the version Hybrid_2019.06.09.2
no problem

[Image: Hybryd-qaac.jpg]
I am having the same issue.  It will not let me choose a bitrate when I have qaac selected.  It will let me choose a quality factor tho if i select it.

The previous Hybrid version works fine, it is just the new version that has the issue.  Definitely some kind of bug in the new version.

[Image: ss.jpg]
Ahhh,... got it, for some reason I accidentally deleted the code line which loads the bitrate<>samplerate<>mode-table for qaac.
->will sen you two a link to a dev version which should fix this in a few minutes via PM.

Cu Selur
Have to go to work, didn't have the time to build a new dev version.
I know were the problem is, will fix after work,..

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