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First steps with Hybrid
Thank you very much Mr. Selur  Rolleyes
Send you a link to a dev version which should enforce whole numbers for 'fixed quantizer'.

Cu Selur
Thank you, Mr. Selur, it works. In a few days I tell you if it works 100% because I started to encode a UHD.

Thank you very much for your professionalism  Big Grin
Hello Mr. Selur, sorry for not writing to you before but I was doing an encode and the Hybrid has been working 60 hours. It has given me an error and I have returned to encode again but a piece of 10 minutes and again it has given me error Sad . the HybridDebugOutput.txt file.

Greetings and thanks  Wink
This is the encoding call used:
"C:\PROGRA~1\Hybrid\64bit\ffmpeg.exe" -y -ss 00:19:00.000 -loglevel fatal -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 6 -i "E:\AUDIOS\HDR10+.mkv" -map 0:0 -an -sn -ss 00:01:00.000 -t 00:05:00.000 -vf crop=3840:1604:0:278,scale=1920:802,zscale=rangein=tv:range=tv -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -strict -1 -vsync 0  -sws_flags spline -f yuv4mpegpipe - | C:\PROGRA~1\Hybrid\64bit\x265.exe" --preset medium --input - --output-depth 10 --y4m --profile main10 --level-idc 5.1 --qg-size 16 --tu-intra-depth 4 --tu-inter-depth 4 --limit-tu 4 --me star --subme 7 --limit-modes --max-merge 4 --no-early-skip --no-open-gop --opt-ref-list-length-pps --min-keyint 23 --bframes 16 --ref 5 --rc-lookahead 60 --lookahead-slices 0 --crf 15.40 --opt-qp-pps --cbqpoffs -2 --crqpoffs -2 --ipratio 1.3 --pbratio 1.2  --rd 4 --psy-rd 1.20 --rdoq-level 2 --psy-rdoq 1.15 --qcomp 0.67 --aq-mode 4 --aq-strength 0.95 --no-cutree --vbv-maxrate 160000 --vbv-bufsize 160000 --hrd --vui-hrd-info --aud --deblock=-3:-3 --sao-non-deblock --limit-sao --zones 1055,1199,b=1.3/9157,9859,b=1.3/10446,10906,b=1.3/11219,11497,b=1.3/11822,12587,b=1.3/12978,13238,b=1.3/32821,33057,b=1.3/111733,112069,b=1.2/142933,142985,b=1.3/143156,143182,b=1.2 --range limited --colorprim bt2020 --transfer smpte2084 --colormatrix bt2020nc --chromaloc 2 --master-display "G(13250,34499)B(7499,2999)R(34000,15999)WP(15634,16450)L(40000000,50)" --max-cll "1000,419" --hdr --hdr-opt --dhdr10-info "E:\AUDIOS\metadata.json" --dhdr10-opt --output "C:\Users\cebol\AppData\Local\Temp\10_16_20_8110_01.265"
Since it does not crash at the beginning but after 2:35:25.764 the call itself is not the problem.
(debug output level 4 does not contain any error message from the encoder)

My guess is that its one of these issues:
  • some hardware problem (memory/cpu issue or problem with heat)
  • your system is running out of space
  • something is interfering with the encoding
  • something is wrong with the source
  • some bug unknown bug in x265

-> My suggestion is to monitor the temperature, memory and cpu usage while the encoding is running.

Cu Selur
Well, you are absolutely right, Mr. Selur. I have never consumed your program so much RAM because your program consumes more CPU what RAM, right? And it has also dropped from FPDS before it reached 1 FPS, now it does not even reach 0.22 FPS. in a few days new pieces will come to me and I will do the tests again.

As always very grateful

[Image: 58e66f1326623982.jpg]
Depending on your setting x265 will eat a lot of ram and stress the system, so keeping the system cool and making sure to adjust the settings to once system resources (especially for 4k and 8k content) is recommended. Smile

Cu Selur
Hello Mr. Selur, you have again given me an error when doing a test Undecided . I leave the info HybridDebugOutput

Thank you  Wink
The normal log does not help me at all, which is why it starts with:
Quote:This log is only intended for user information. It should not be part of a bug/problem report!!
Looking at the debug output:
"C:\PROGRA~1\Hybrid\64bit\ffmpeg.exe" -y -loglevel fatal -noautorotate -nostdin -threads 6 -i "E:\AUDIOS\HDR10+.mkv" -map 0:0 -an -sn -ss 00:01:00.000 -t 00:01:00.000 -vf crop=3840:1604:0:278,scale=1920:802,zscale=rangein=tv:range=tv -pix_fmt yuv420p10le -strict -1 -vsync 0  -sws_flags spline -f yuv4mpegpipe - | "C:\PROGRA~1\Hybrid\64bit\x265.exe" --preset medium --input - --output-depth 10 --y4m --profile main10 --level-idc 5.1 --qg-size 16 --tu-intra-depth 4 --tu-inter-depth 4 --limit-tu 4 --me star --subme 7 --limit-modes --max-merge 4 --no-early-skip --no-open-gop --opt-ref-list-length-pps --min-keyint 23 --bframes 16 --ref 5 --rc-lookahead 60 --lookahead-slices 0 --crf 13.20 --opt-qp-pps --cbqpoffs -2 --crqpoffs -2 --ipratio 1.3 --pbratio 1.2  --rd 4 --psy-rd 1.20 --rdoq-level 2 --psy-rdoq 1.15 --qcomp 0.67 --aq-mode 4 --aq-strength 1.02 --no-cutree --vbv-maxrate 160000 --vbv-bufsize 160000 --hrd --vui-hrd-info --aud --deblock=-3:-3 --sao-non-deblock --limit-sao --range limited --colorprim bt2020 --transfer smpte2084 --colormatrix bt2020nc --chromaloc 2 --master-display "G(13250,34499)B(7499,2999)R(34000,15999)WP(15634,16450)L(40000000,50)" --max-cll "1000,419" --hdr --hdr-opt --dhdr10-info "E:\AUDIOS\metadata.json"
the call looks fine and since the encoding crashes after "00:32:36.859" my guess is this is still an issue with your system. (space/temperature/memory/some av program interfering)

Cu Selur
Okay, thank you very much, Mr. Selur, in a few days you will send me a new processor and when I have everything assembled I will do the tests again and I will tell you.

One question, Mr. Selur, does the new version of your Hybrid rev 2019.12.01.1 program have the same updates as the ones that happened to me?

If so, I will download the new version

Thanks for your help  Wink

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