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[HELP] Frame Interpolation 60fps-Frame Rate Converter
Windows 10 (64bit)
Hybrid 2019.11.03.1

I want to change frame rate of movie clips from mobile phone (264) from 30 to 60fps

I'd like to use Avisynth->Frame->FPS adjust:->FrameRateConverter It has many option which I'd like to try. I get many interpolations artefacts and some problems with audio with other interpolation methods such as SalFps

Output is: x264,  Constant rate factor 15, Level High, Unrestricted.
Audio: Passthrough 
FrameRateConverter: default settings

Then I start the job I get following message: 

-> 15_09_33_4710_04_video crashed: ERROR: D:\Video\Hybrid Folders\Temp\15_09_33_4710_04.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)
Aborting '15_09_33_4710_04_video' due to: ERROR: D:\Video\Hybrid Folders\Temp\15_09_33_4710_04.264 is too small! (byteSize: 0byte)

I've also tried with x265 The same problem. 
I've attached small sample file

Looking at the Avisynth script used I'm confused.
The script looks like this:
Import("C:\Program Files\Hybrid\32bit\avisynthPlugins\FrameRateConverter.avsi")
# loading source: G:\Media\2019.06.15 Pyrenees\Video\MOV_0061.MP4
#  input color sampling YV12
#  input luminance scale pc
FFVideoSource("G:\Media\201906~1.15P\Video\MOV_0061.MP4",cachefile="D:\Video\Hybrid Folders\Temp\15_14_36_3010.ffindex",colorspace="YV12")
# current resolution: 1920x1080
# filtering
return last
Problem there is the 'Stp=skip', Stp is a boolean and should either be 'true' or 'false'.
Problem is I can't get it tho show 'skip' like the debug out shows on your system.

Here I get:
and with that the conversion works fine,..
-> I'll send you a link to my current dev version via PM, please recreate the job and try with that version.

Cu Selur
Many thanks!

When I use other interpolationmethods, for example 'InterFrame' the conversion works but there is no sound in the output file.

I get:

-> 17_53_43_7410_06_muxing crashed: ERROR: J:\pireneje\Tomek398 Phone (60fps)\17_53_43_7410__06_withTimeCodes_0.mp4 was not created!
Aborting '17_53_43_7410_06_muxing' due to: ERROR: J:\pireneje\Tomek398 Phone (60fps)\17_53_43_7410__06_withTimeCodes_0.mp4 was not created!
Need a debug output, no clue what you are doing had no problem converting your sample while keeping audio to passthrough,..

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