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[HELP] why i setting like this Hybrid will not working?
(02.04.2020, 20:59)Selur Wrote: When loading your file and configuring Avisynth like you showed in your image I get the following script:

-> Create a debug output level 9 of the job processing and share it.
Also try disabling your anti-virus tool to be sure it's not interfering for some unknown reason.

Cu Selur

Ps.: Same filters runs with ~54fps here when I using

Input is completely analysed,...
Creating job for current source
-> Creating jobs for source: (1)
-> Generating calls for: D:\E\hzgg\test\test-clip.mp4
Ignore time codes for output since Avisynth 'Restore' is used.
adding x264 calls for source: 1
createJobs for D:\E\hzgg\test\test-clip.mp4
creating audio subjobs,...
creating attachment extraction subjobs
creating video subjobs
creating muxing subjobs
optimizing the subJobs
-> finished creating subjobs for current source
added new job with id 03_04_09_1010
-> should be there after processing: C:\Users\x\AppData\Local\Temp\iId_53_aid_0_lang_zh_DELAY_18ms_03_04_09_1010_01.ac3
-> should be there after processing: C:\Users\x\AppData\Local\Temp\iId_54_aid_1_lang_zh_DELAY_18ms_03_04_09_1010_02.ac3
starting 03_04_09_1010_01_audio@03:04:09.141 - D:\E\hzgg\test\test-clip.mp4
finished after 00:00:00.138
-> should be there after processing: C:\Users\x\AppData\Local\Temp\03_04_09_1010_06.264
starting 03_04_09_1010_05_video@03:04:09.365 - D:\E\hzgg\test\test-clip.mp4

but the log which i post seems not like yours

how to do the debug output?  oh, after waiting for a long long time, the start is begin now.

but im feel there still is some problem, because when i don't select the Restore checkbox, it begin muck quickly

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