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[BUG] Spline100 & Spline144 resizer + FrameRateConverter + RGB24 (Image Stream) glitch
So here's a weird one... (not weird for me it seems!)...

This is in AviSynth (Vapoursynth doesn't have Spline100 or Spline144 for some reason).

Input is image stream, png files, RGB24. (I've tested with a lossless mp4 of the image stream and it made no difference... problem likely due to RGB24 input.)

I've also tested with Hybrid 2020.02.19.1 and 2020.07.10.1... same glitch in each version.

I enable FrameRateConverter. Everything's fine.

I resize from 1312x960 to 1440x1080 using Spline 144.

So the AviSynth script looks like this:

LoadDLL("C:\Program Files\Hybrid\32bit\avisynthPlugins\libfftw3f-3.dll")
Import("C:\Program Files\Hybrid\32bit\avisynthPlugins\FrameRateConverter.avsi")
# loading source: E:/USER/HybridTest/%06d.png
#  input color sampling RGB32@8, matrix:Rec.709, scantyp: progressive
#  input luminance scale tv
ImageReader(file="E:\USER\HYBRID~1\%06d.png", start=0, end=24, fps=25, use_DeviL=true, pixel_type="RGB24")
# current resolution: 1312x960
ConvertToYV24(interlaced=false, matrix="Rec709")
# filtering
# scaling to 1440x1080
# adjust color to YV12
return last

It produces this glitched output... the green is present on all frames:

[Image: D1zrH5m.jpg]

This glitch is also present on Spline100 resize... but... it is NOT present with Spline64 and below! Those are fine!

It also doesn't happen when the input is a regular mp4 file (h264/i420/4:2:0), or with JUST Spline100 or Spline144 (so it's not just RGB24 + Spline100/144).

It doesn't seem to matter what options are set for FrameRateConverter... it happens at the defaults.

Do you think this is an incompatibility with FrameRateConverter, RGB24, and Spline100/144 resizers? Or is it a bug?

Obviously I realize this is probably not worth fixing if it's not something simple. Tongue

This will happen with only a small number of png files so I attached an archive of the first 25 of the png files I'm working with:

Quote:This is in AviSynth (Vapoursynth doesn't have Spline100 or Spline144 for some reason).
I don't use them an nobody requested them, so there's no support for it in Vaporusynth.

About SplineResize100/144, according to seems like the filter only supports 'YV12, YUY2, RGB24, RGB32'.
-> I'll look into it and send you a link to a dev version for testing

Cu Selur
It works when outputing FrameRateConverter only to lossless file, then running Spline144 resize on a second pass.

Another solution is simply putting Spline144 before FrameRateConverter.

As I work with it I've found FrameRateConverter is better than Interframe with some content in that it produces less artifacts, but with other content (with lots of detail in smooth camera pans, as well as end credits), Interframe is better.
btw. DAIN gives nice results, but sadly there is no Vapoursynth or Avisynth support for it atm.

Cu Selur
It also needs a CUDA 5 Nvidia GPU. Cool
If you look into a new card at least use on which has see compute capability 5.2 or higher, since the latest CUDA SDK (11) supports compute capability 5.2-8.0, see:

Cu Selur
(11.07.2020, 22:34)Selur Wrote: btw. DAIN gives nice results, but sadly there is no Vapoursynth or Avisynth support for it atm.

Cu Selur
That would be super cool to use DAIN in Hybrid!
May be in case they decide to implement a Vapoursynth or Avisynth filter.
Having huge amounts of temporal image sequences is not going to happen.

Cu Selur

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