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Esxi running macos For selur
What I did:
1. follow the links over at:
to download
* Mac OS Mojave
* Unlocker oe ESXi
* VM Tools for MacOS
2. copy the files to the vmware server
3. install the unlocker
- start tsm-ssh
- connect via ssh to the machine
- exract the Unlocker
- make the esxi-installer executable
- run the installer
- reboot the system
4. create a new VM (2 CPUs, 32GB RAM, 200GB HDD) and select the Mac OS Mojave iso, enable hardware virtualisation under CPU, enable performance counter
5. when trying to start the vm I got an error that the 'MonitorLoop' could not be started an.
Looking at the error it mentioned:
Erweitern der Auslagerungsdatei /vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000/Mojave (Hybrid dev)/Mojave (Hybrid dev)-bf8dcf06.vswp von 0 KB auf 33554432 KB fehlgeschlagen: No space left on device
Aktuelle Größe der Auslagerungsdatei beträgt 0 KB.
Okay, seems like VMware wants to create a SWAP file which is as large as the RAM.
-> deleted the VM, recreated it, but with just 100GB of HDD space
Now the starting of the VM worked, but then it failed during the installation complaining that the installer was broken.
Download just finished,... going for another try.

Cu Selur
Okay, I copied the newly downloaded iso over to the vm server adjusted the Vm configuration to use the new iso, started the vm, but sadly it failed again.
(downloaded the iso from three times and the files are all identical but don't work.)
So if you can create and share a working iso that would help. Smile

Cu Selur
On it right now will send a link shortly

So you get to the mac install it boots up and says welcome to mac install please choose a hard drive?

And it fails when you click through.

Or when you say fail, the installer never loads up. 

I am also wondering if the unlocker may not be good i can send you another one. 

I will do both

Just in case

Ok pm sent

If you can include some screen grabs of what the installer looks like when it fails

Also when esxi creates a partition for the vm. It doesnt usually format it for the vm, i find that you need to exit the Mac os installer menu and go to the diskutility app to format the virtual hard drive esxi created for your vm. Once i did that i was able to install.

It could very well be the unlocker i sent doesnt work and i have included the one i used. Which i know works.

Try the above unlocker. This might fix your problem will have to ssh in again make untar it, make it executable and run the script.
Already deleted the isos, will make screenshots for you once I have the iso from you.

Cu Selur
Okay installing the new unlocker fails:
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000] unzip
   creating: esxi-unlocker-master/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/.gitattributes
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/.gitignore
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/LICENSE
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/
   creating: esxi-unlocker-master/etc/
   creating: esxi-unlocker-master/etc/rc.local.d/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/etc/rc.local.d/
  inflating: esxi-unlocker-master/readme.txt
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000] cd esxi-unlocker-master/
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000/esxi-unlocker-master] chmod +x
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000/esxi-unlocker-master] ./
VMware Unlocker 3.0.1
Copyright: Dave Parsons 2011-18
Installing unlocker.tgz
File unlocker.tgz does not exist
-> so what now Smile ?
Okay, looked in the read me and there it says to uninstall old versions before installing it,..

Cu Selur
were you able to uninstall older versions? And reinstall or it still fails?
uinstalled the previous unlocker, rebooted, reconnected via ssh (after enabling it), but the installer still fails,..
[root@localhost:~] cd vmfs/volumes/
2772167c-64d3f7ea-dce8-a226d717a221/  5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000/  datastore1/
5f38f244-370236f0-d78a-001e6712e000/  5f38f24b-7bc1d2e2-2180-001e6712e000/  e14ea27e-7b28a37e-1291-f2118ffaeb08/
[root@localhost:~] cd vmfs/volumes/datastore1/
.sdd.sf/                             Mojave (Hybrid dev)/                 VMware Unlocker 2.1.1 for ESXi 6.7/  esxi-unlocker-master/
[root@localhost:~] cd vmfs/volumes/datastore1/esxi-unlocker-master/
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5f38f24b-4c3ac556-ba12-001e6712e000/esxi-unlocker-master] ./
VMware Unlocker 3.0.1
Copyright: Dave Parsons 2011-18
Installing unlocker.tgz
File unlocker.tgz does not exist

Cu Selur

Ps.: there is no unlocker.tgz in the repository:
Try this

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Could it be that the needs to be run before running the installer?
will try that file

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