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[HELP] Image Sequence Various Bugs
Hello. I have a problem with a sequence of images. Usually when I work with a sequence of images I use ffmpeg, but it doesn't work well when using 4k images. as it starts to use more than 9 gigabytes of RAM for some reason, but it doesn't matter. In general, I will turn to the problem. The sequence of images in the hybrid has various bugs. In the beginning, I generally wanted to do FrameRateConverter interpolation with my sequence of images. But then there were problems. 
First, when you make an input with a sequence of images, after the input the hybrid incorrectly calculates the number of frames if you didnt change "image sequence base fps" in "CONFIG > INPUT" before, although initially everything is correct. After that, it is impossible to render video even with simple fast basic settings. Or it can be rendered but only 6-9 first frames.
It depends on which "support" parameter you choose in the "Filtering" tab in right-down side in the corner.
no XSynth - fast render but only up to 10 first frames
Avisynth - crashed coundnt create file
VapourSynth - Crashed with exit status 0.
Or its couldnt start render at all. (1080p example)
After that I tried to do the same thing with a 1920 x 1080 sequence of images with CRF 18 preset veryfast without touching other settings at all, but still the same bugs. I even made a video with logs. Ill attach them.
Plus tried to ON setting "CRF output" and "Prefer FFMPEG" in "CONFIG>INPUT>DECODING" tab, but its doesnt work too.
So my goal is render 4k and 1080p Image Sequences with FrameRateConverter Interpolation or InterFrame.
Please help me if possible.Maybe I am doing something wrong. I would appreciate it.
Ofc i can just render video in other program then use Hybrid to interpolate, but its wasting time, lose quality cause of multiple renders and etc. 
In the end, I really like the Hybrid. This is the best user-friendly video renderer with many cool features and intuitive interface. Thanks a lot to the developer, I would like to use it more often.
And here some little bug too "Config>Input>Decoding>Use GPU for decoding>Method: CUVID" never works for me for some reason. But even i have installed NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit v10 and v11, so i can use CUDA/cuDNN. My GPU 1060 3GB.

Quote:"Config>Input>Decoding>Use GPU for decoding>Method: CUVID" never works for me for some reason.
It will not work on image sequences, it will only work on stuff where you gpu really can be used for decoding.

I think I fixed the image sequence problem a while ago, will send you a link to my current dev version via pm.

Cu Selur

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