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Degrain vs. Denoise ?!

I would like to know ,what is the difference between degrain and denoise?!
I did some search but no clean anwser was found.

And can somebody give me an answer about what is a "generally good" degrain/denoise algorithm in Hybrid? I want to keep as many details as possible.
I know its subjective ,because different movie/different algo...
Thats why i said "generally good".
Any reply appreciated!
Thanks in advance!
(Film-)Grain (read: is usually a light sort of noise.
Where as noise is often stronger than grain and usually can have tons or reasons.

Since filtering always destroys details/information there is no way to DeNoise or DeGrain without loosing some.
If you want to gain some compressibility gains some degrain with RemoveGrain or SMDeGrain usually is a good way to not loose lots of details but get some boosted compressibility.

If you really have artifacts you want to clean using a denoiser or degrainer there is nothing I would recommend.
Different filters work differently and depending on the source might really destroy lots of information.

Filtering is always about subjective preferences.
-> I c/wouldn't recommend anything really.

Cu Selur
Many thanks ,Selur !Smile

Just for your information. It has nothing to do with Hybrid... you can try Neat Video if you have one of the host applications ( Great tool, good performance and not that expensive.
Greetings (again) !Smile

I would like to know which is the heavier degrain filter?
I did many test,bit the results are not so obvious...

Imho the lightest is SMDG by default.
Heavier is.... MLDG or Temporal Degrain?
That all depends on the noise&co in the source.
Oh,i think i understand now....
Thanks ,Selur!

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