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Hello fellows,

HEVC Hybrid GPU, it uses CPU and GPU, is it any good, anyone have experience with it? Can it achieve the quality of CPU VBR 2-Pass x265? Can it only be used in ffmpeg, or is it experimental encoder? I dont know much about it, just found some search results on Google, but nothing really informative. Im farily new into Encoding.

Assuming you have an NVIDIA card adn you are on Windows, NVEncC with "NVEnc->Hardware->Only use encoder" is probably the fastest you can get.
This was the vpu is used for decoding and encoding (so no Avisynth or Vapoursynth filtering).
On Linux or MacOs using the gpu for decoding and using ffnvenc is probably the fastest way to go.
(No NVEncC support on those OSs since I don't have the time to figure out a way to build NVEncC on those platforms ready for distribution.)

Quote:Can it achieve the quality of CPU VBR 2-Pass x265?
Probably not, some claim their setting do, but it's up to you decide.
Personally I prefer software encoding when it comes for archiving and vpu based encoding if time is of the essence or quality or bit rate is not that important.

Cu Selur
Thanks for the Awnser!

Im using Windows yes, i have RTX 2060, but i want quality and small Filesize, so im only using x265 with 2-Pass VBR, unrestricted /Main 10/High. The new turing cards and encoder are very good in terms of quality and Speed mixing, but i spot little artifacts, even if i use high bitrate with GPU using XMedia Recode, i dont know about Hybrid and NVENC, becuase im using Hybrid 2015 5.1.1

I just was asking because, maybe there is a faster way to re-encode without loosing quality and getting a bigger Filesize.

NVEncC (used in Hybrid) and Xmedia Recode will both go against the same api and vpu so the hardware encoding will not differ.
-> 2pass is only necessary if you aim for a specific file size otherwise 1pass crf should be the way to go.

Cu Selur

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