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[HELP] Vibrance
The After Effect there are two parameters, saturation and vibrance, they don't work the same way (I set the same filling parameters for each option). In Hybrid there is the ability to change the saturation, but this parameter does not do what I need, I need how the vibrance parameter does. Is there a vibrance parameter in a Hybrid?
[Image: Brightnes.jpg][Image: 345345345.jpg]

The star of the set, by Motenai Yoda and Gavino's help. It allows to pump up saturation where saturation is low, something that is popularly called "Vibrance" in such packages as Photoshop. I also added an option to do the opposite, lower saturation only where is high, called "Dullness". And a third one called "Recover" which recovers saturation from an earlier state of the clip before filtering. It works on 16 bit pipelines as well thanks to the lsb parameter.
see: and
Looks like what you are looking for.
Also something like "Tweak(Sat=1.5, MaxSat=59, interp=20)" should be similar.
(-> playing a bit with the tweak settings should be an easy solution, but SatMask() offers more options)

Cu Selur
Unfortunately, I cannot figure out how to use SatMask ()

And as far as I understood it is "Tweak (Sat = 1.5, MaxSat = 59, interp = 20)" for Avisynth.  I need for Vapoursynth, because I have other settings in it. 

I tried with settings Tweak in Vapoursynth, but I just can't find the right parameters
Won't work with Tweak in Vapoursynth since  "maxSat", "minSat", "interp" don't exist, which are important for the 'vibrance' effect which basically only increases the saturation on parts of the image with low saturation.
Applying one of the HDR To SDR filters might have a similar effect depending on the settings. <- no bad idea

Cu Selur

Ps.: there might be some LUTs out there which might be suited for the task.
Vibrant Light from does not look bad:
there are quite a few other LUTs over at that might be interesting.
Extract the .cube files into a folder which you select under "Vapoursynth->Color->Matrix->TimeCube->Use Custom LUT folder".
Just wanted to say: The LUTs from are really nice. Smile
(downloaded them all and extracted the .cube files into a subfolder of TimeCube, selected the folder as custom folder and now an can easily switch between the LUTs to see their effect)

Cu Selur
The fact is that I use LUTs "Vapoursynth-> Color-> Matrix-> TimeCube-> Use Custom LUT folder" to convert rec.709 to rec.2100, I previously learned this thanks to you in this thread

At the same time, I need to set the Vibrance parameter and now I do not know how to do this, since Vapoursynth does not have such an option in Tweak, but and I cannot in LUT because I already set the parameter rec.709 to rec.2100.
If you know what you want the script to look like you can add multiple instances of most filters for Vapoursynth in Hybrid, if you enable "Filtering->Filter Order/Queue->Use Filter Queue".
Best also read [INFO] About Vapoursynth Filter Order/Queue before you switch from the normal 'Filter Order' to 'Filter Queue'.

Cu Selur

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