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[BUG] DVD Subtitles Color and Aspect Ratio Problems
ProblemĀ could be not due italic text style itself, but due totally different fontĀ size and font type used in that text line. The rest of the movie use totally different font.
Or maybe it don't likes CAPSLOCK text style

[Image: ZMnEaSB.jpg]
[Image: PsDa5Bi.jpg]
If you have the idx/sub subtitles you shoudl either use a black background or use a subtitle tool which directly can inport those subtitles and during ocr only uses the subtitles.

CU Selur
Subler asks on import which tracks to import from MKV/MP4/MOV file.
I select subtitles tracks only, and Save As .m4v file. No video tracks at all. (guess it add virtual background somehow automatically)
After that i can Export any track as .SRT file.
[Image: YiJU1Tr.jpg]
If only it was an option to bypass that stupid intermediate Save As .m4v step.

(12.09.2021, 18:45)Selur Wrote: So, yes when I drop MPlayer since it gets harder and harder to build and needs more and more workarounds to not be used when dealing with newer formats DVD support will also be dropped. With a bit of luck I will have found the time to write some code to use mpv or Vapoursynth as normal/base preview tool, otherwise the normal preview will also be unavailable.
Cu Selur

And what if somehow use MKVToolNix to open DVDs and Blu-rays?
Seems it can link multiple VOBs from DVD. (But same as MakeMKV it have that problem with telecined DVDs remuxed to MKVs that reads as 24FPS progressive instead of 29,970 telecine interlaced)
[Image: vRBulFl.jpg]

It also allow manually select Blu-ray video with .mpls. This looks better than current Blu-ray autodetection in Hybrid that sometimes don't detects main movie .mpls.
[Image: ZqmFMlq.jpg]

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