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[BUG] DVD Subtitles Color and Aspect Ratio Problems
Just noticed strange thing. Original VOBs or DVDs keep 4:3 aspect ratio of subtitles in 16:9 anamorphic movies. Subtitles looks like this in players:
[Image: b8Qmed2.jpg]

But same movie transcoded with Hybrid to square pixels also stretches subtitles to 16:9 and changes their position on screen.
Also they start to look less contrast probably due some incorrect PC-TV Levels transformation:
[Image: 2M9FFTX.jpg]

I looked in Config and in Subtitle settings in Hybrid but seems there is no any preferences for this. Do you think it is possible somehow fix these problems?
Again no details. Dodgy
You should know better. So it's wild guessing again,... Angry

Quote:Also they start to look less contrast probably due some incorrect PC-TV Levels transformation:
Since Hybrid does not do any tv<>pc levels transformation unless you tell it to it sounds more like the content isn't properly flagged.
-> Check your encoding settings and adjust the pc<>level flags.
Hybrid also supports the ColorMatrix filter which would allow PC<>TV level transformations.

About subtitles:
If you embed the subtitles, the Vapoursynth/Avisynth Preview should help you to see what is happening with the subtitles.
Depending on the position of the subtitles and resizers you might distort the subtiles.

If you tell Hybrid to extract&add the subtitles that is what it will do, it will simply extracts the subtitles from the source and then muxes them back.
Hybrid does not change the subtitles, if you want to change the resolution the subtitles are based on you need to adjust the subtitles.
Read up on the .idx/.sub format (
There are some parameters that might be interessting to you like 'size', 'scale'.
Hybrid has currently no option to adjust subtitles when extracting and muxing them.

Quote:Do you think it is possible somehow fix these problems?
No details, no clue what you do: No.

Cu Selur
What further details may help?
Quote:What further details may help?
[INFO] Infos needed to fix&reproduce bugs,..

Cu Selur
Sure i know that it is possible to to PC<>TV level transformations, but this will affect all movie. Video track itself is OK, it don't need levels adjustment. Only subtitles track look less contrast.
DVD .idx/.sub subtiles are image based, Hybrid does not change any of these image data, so my guess is that this is related to what the player you used does with the subtitles. For example it might use a different video overlay or change the colors depending on the resolution of the video.
I do not see how this could be a bug in Hybrid.

You could, just extract the DVD subtitles not mux them then tell your player to load the external subtitles and test whether the player changes the subtitle representation if you change the .idx parameters.
You could also try different Players (mpv/iina, vlc,..).

Cu Selur
Ok, seems it was user error Smile Original VOB files in that movie have two subtitle tracks. One use 4:3 aspect ration and another is 16:9. So there is no problem with subtitles aspect ratio.

But problem with incorrect brightness Levels in subtitles and blurry look is still there.
Will try to play with extracted subtitle files in different players...
Since Hybrid does not change the subtitles, the player is the only think that should influence how the subtitles are presented.

Cu Selur
All players show the same less contrast look for extracted subtitles. Most likely something changes during subtitle extraction or some metadata missing in those extracted image based subtitle files.
Here is side by side compare in same player. VOB with original build in subtitle at the left. Same VOB with external extracted subtitle at the right:
[Image: Wcc5tgh.jpg]
from that image:
left side white is: 255/255/255
right side 'white' is: ~ 190/190/190 (for tv scale I would have expected 235/235/235)

What happens if you load these external subtitles with some random SD/HD content in those players?
Have you tried the mpv/iina, vlc?

Cu Selur

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