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[HELP] try to encode meet a error code
can't encode, please help, thanks.

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You are using an old version (2021.07.14.1). Fromt he looks of it there is a problem with the Vapoursynth script.
1. try the latest released version, will also send you a link to my current dev version
2. if both fail, check the Vapoursynth preview to check whether the Preview also fails and whether it shows a more details error message.

Cu Selur
after upgrading the latest version you send me, still fails, preview also fails.

[Image: ofGPlca8qBxmu6J.jpg]
Deinstall Hybrid, install the dev version.

Cu Selur
after reinstall, it displays this:

[Image: DqXON5wMBpuUcJm.jpg]

can encode now, but produce many debug info. and the picture in the encoded file is very fast, not match audio track.

send you sample file (10.8MB) by PM for research.
Quote:after reinstall, it displays this:
Yes, it has been mentioned multiple times in the forum that I strongly discourage running Hybrid with admin rights and what you can do to run it with admin rights.
Nothing more to say about that.

Quote:and the picture in the encoded file is very fast, not match audio track.

Accoding to MediaInfo that file is:
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : VFR
Frame rate mode                          : Variable
Frame rate                               : 40.079
Frame rate                               : 40.079 FPS
Original frame rate                      : 25.000
Original frame rate                      : 25.000 FPS
Which means that the video frame rate of the video stream is 25fps, but the container indicates 40.079 fps. Bobbing the content with that would end up with ~80fps. Since the audio isn't sync. The headers of your container are probably wrong.

Enabling "Config->Prefer->Orignal->Frame rate" before loading the source will cause Hybrid to detect the content as 25fps cfr and bobbing the content will create 50fps cfr content.
Which might be better. For me the output with those settings seems to me as async as the source when I play it.
Problem is, the source doesn't seem sync to me either. Smile
-> try enabling "Config->Prefer->Orignal->Frame rate" and see whether that seems better

Cu Selur
yes, it's OK now after checked it, but it displays many error infos when encoding, why? and how to solve?

[Image: VKeSC7N24vX9ITl.jpg]
Ah, that is just some debug output I added in the dev version.
No error messages.
That are the messages the encoder reports to Hybrid mixed with the data Hybrid generated from it. It's basically the info shown in the progress line.
I just forgot to remove it from the output while checking for issues.

Cu Selur
so could you send me a new dev version?
send you another link

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