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crashed at the end
Hi Selur,
How are you?

I try to encode for Blu-Ray burning.
My input is a mkv (x264, Dolby TrueHD+AC3) + 3 subs.
Hybrid seems to encode everything correctly but crashes at the end.
Files created: .ac3, .thd, .264, .meta
but the meta file weights only 1Kb, I don't know if it's normal.

I use the last version you gave to me for Mac on the 19th of Sept.
Hybrid sent a lot of warnings before encoding, about TrueHD. So it may be related to TrueHD encoding.

Thanks for your help.
Have a nice week-end.

According to the debug output the content of the meta file should be:
MUXOPT --no-pcr-on-video-pid --new-audio-pes --hdmv-descriptors --blu-ray --label="DONNIE.BRASCO" --vbr --vbv-len=500 --custom-chapters=00:00:00;00:11:03;00:20:36;00:31:25;00:42:13;00:52:52;01:01:35;01:12:28;01:20:14;01:29:14;01:39:27;01:47:53;01:53:53;01:58:56;02:09:42;02:16:40

V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC, "/Users/Laurent/Movies/Hybrid/2021-10-26@20_14_25_3010_05.264", fps=23.976, insertSEI, contSPS, ar=1:1 (Square), lang=eng

A_AC3, "/Users/Laurent/Movies/Hybrid/", lang=eng
A_AC3, "/Users/Laurent/Movies/Hybrid/iId_6_aid_1_lang_en_2021-10-26@20_14_25_3010_02.ac3", lang=eng
S_TEXT/UTF8, "/Volumes/Racines/Donnie.Brasco/",font-name=Arial Unicode MS,font-size=60,font-color=0x00FFFFFF,font-charset=FT_ENCODING_UNICODE,bottom-offset=16,font-border=1,text-align=center,video-width=1920,video-height=1080,fps=23.976
S_HDMV/PGS, "/Volumes/Racines/Donnie.Brasco/Donnie.Brasco_id_3_lang_en.sup",fps=23.976, lang=eng
S_HDMV/PGS, "/Volumes/Racines/Donnie.Brasco/Donnie.Brasco_id_4_lang_en.sup",fps=23.976, lang=eng
which at a first glance should be correct.

"/Applications/" "/Users/Laurent/Movies/Hybrid/tsMuxerMeta_2021-10-26@20_14_25_3010__08.meta" "/Volumes/Racines/Donnie.Brasco/Donnie.Brasco"
tsMuxeR seems to crash, but I see no error message in the debug output.
Do you get ena error message when calling that call?

Quote:Files created: .ac3, .thd, .264, .meta
that sounds like you removed the .srt file somewhere along the way.

Cu Selur

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