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[HELP] Another VHS upscale question
Is it possible to replicate this VHS upscale with Hybrid? I'd like to try these settings.


Source: S-VHS capture

AviSynth denoise and upscale flow:

"levels and colors correction before filtering"
nnedi3_rpow2(rfactor=2, nns=4, qual=2, cshift="Spline36Resize", fwidth=1440, fheight=1080)
[to avoid heavy youtube processing]
LSFmod(ss_x=1.5, ss_y=1.5, secure=false, Spwr=2, SdmpHi=0, soothe=false, keep=25, edgemaskHQ=true)
"levels and colors correction after filtering"
I think so, Hybrid on Windows has all the filters when using Avisynth 32bit:
  • Filtering->Avisynth>Grain->Grain removal->TemporalDegrain2
  • Crop/Resize->Resize->Picture Resize + Filtering->Avisynth>Resize->Resizer->NNEDI3Resize
  • Filtering->Avisynth->Sharpen->Sharpening->Limited Sharpen Mod
and you can adjust the filter order through 'Filtering->Misc->Custom->Filter Order'.
So creating the script below should be possible without using Custom sections in Avisynth.
(similar can be done through Vapoursynth)

Cu Selur

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