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[BUG] "fftmNPL", instacrash
Hello, I just tried the FFmpeg tonemapping after the NPL addition on Hybrid and it always crashes instantly, I found something weird among the lines and the likely cause, after checking the debug I found npl=fftmNPL instead of the actual value like npl=300.

Not sure if that's really the culprit, just a guess because that's what FFmpeg told me if I use it manually >Unable to parse option value "fftmNPL"

Hybrid 2021.11.25.1

"-vf zscale=tin=smpte2084:min=bt2020nc:pin=bt2020:rin=tv:t=smpte2084:m=bt2020nc:p=bt2020:r=tv,zscale=t=linear:npl=fftmNPL,format=gbrpf32le,tonemap=mobius:desat=0.000:peak=0.000,zscale=p=bt709:t=bt709:m=bt709:r=tv,scale=1920:1080"
[Image: mxnv5q3.png]
yes, that's a bug due to a mistake instead of adding the value of "fftmNPL" Hybrid adds it as a string.
It's also present in the current public version. Hybrid 2021.11.25.1 is old and not supported.
-> will fix

=> send you a link to a dev vesion for testing via pm

Cu Selur

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