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[HELP] Help With Cleaning Up Video

I have this DVD set from a 1990's TV show that I am wanting to try to clean up some if possible using Vaporsynth filters in Hybrid. I have tried various combinations and not really getting any better version with various attempts.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback/recommendations on cleaning up this video. If this video seems like a lost cause/not worth the time, then I appreciate everyone taking the time to at least taking a look for me!

Here's the link to untouched MKV remux file from the DVD itself for one of the episodes for testing/reference. I used MakeMKV to rip from DVD to MKV. No additional processing has been done to this file (no deinterlacing or other encoding/compression).

Thanks!  Smile
Here are some observations about the source:
  • scan type is wrong, it's not ttf but should be overwritten to telecine
    -> enable 'Filtering->(De)Interlace/Telecine->Deinterlace/Telecine Settings->Overwrite input scan type' and set it to 'telecine'.
    Hybrid will then automatically switch to TIVTC,
  • that content is horribly over compressed, it's basicall a collection of compression artifacts. This is not going to be easy (or at least fast)

Quote:I have tried various combinations and not really getting any better version with various attempts.
It would have been nice to know what you tried.

Here some things I tried:

mClean + CAS looks nice to me.
[Image: mClean.png]

Due to the tons of artifacts I tried some machine learning filters. (only supported on Windows with torchAddon which requires an NVIDIA card with lots of RAM)
BasicVSR++ -> cleans the artifacts nicely, but you loose a lot.
[Image: Basic-VSR-NTIRE2021-1.png]
[Image: Basic-VSR-NTIRE2021-2.png]
[Image: Basic-VSR-NTIRE2021-3.png]
DPIR (deblock) -> looks better to me, but some artifacts are still there
[Image: DPIRDeblock-5.png]
Here's what mClean + DPIR (deblock) + CAS looks like:
[Image: mclean-dpir-cas.png]

But the ghosting/blending:
[Image: ghosting-blending.png]
is still there and I don't see a way to get rid of it.

Is it worth it?
I would say if I would archive it for myself I would probably stick with mClean+CAS (+ may be some degrain or compressibility) and live with the ghosting.
If was something important I would filter this scene by scene, but I don't see a way to get rid of the ghosting.

Cu Selur
Thanks for taking the time to help me with this!  Smile I will go with your recommended settings on this since it's such a bad quality source.

I had previously tried all sorts of random combinations of filtering in hopes of some how hitting the video restoration lottery!!!  Big Grin You would laugh me off this forum if you saw some of the combinations I had tried.

I will also look into some machine learning options like you mentioned as an option. My main desktop has a i9-12900K, RTX 3080 10gb and 32gb DDR5 5200 MHZ memory and should be suffice for most video processing tasks!

Thanks again for your help!!!
The machine learning stuff will still be rather slow, but at least 1.5 times faster than on my GeForce GTX 1070ti. Big Grin

Cu Selur

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