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[INFO] HEVC- Scenarist UHD
Buenas tardes.

Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme. Quiero codificar un video HEVC de 4k. Quiero usarlo para la creación de Blu Ray UHD - Scenarist UHD.

Todo lo mejor.
a. please stick to English
b. Where is the problem? I see no question in your post.

I assume you know the restrictions that need to be met for video compatible to 4k UHD Blu-rays.
Personally I can't say much about it since I never used Scenarist UHD or ever had to author a UHD Blu-ray for that matter.
(don't even have a hdr capable display)

With a bit of luck some other folks here, who might have used Scenarist can help you in more details.

Since this section of the board is specifically not about Hybrid and as far as I know Scenarist UHD comes with (quite good) technical support which is included in the monthly/anual fees one pays for it your best bet might be simply using the support you paid for.

in general:
Assuming you want to create content that you only author (and not reencode) you would probably have to create UHD Blu-ray compatible content.
For the encoding one could probably use x265 with it's --uhd-bluray option and make sure one properly signals the hdr information.

Cu Selur

Ps.: you might have a better chance to find some help over at since there are definitly a few Scenarist users over there.
Hello Selur.

Thank you for answering and sorry for writing in Spanish.

Scenarist UHD supports only Scenarist's own utilities, not encodings. As far as I know, it is only capable of encoding the TITAN, which I don't think so.

I have to encode content compatible with UHD Blu-ray and how not new I don't know exactly how and features to have.

x265 with its --uhd-bluray option I think is correct, but then there are so many parameters that I don't know exactly.

The question is that if anyone knows exactly how to encode x265 for UHD Blu Ray compatible content? , I know the forum and thanks to it I have come here but they do not explain more, that Hybrid can generate UHD Blu Ray compatible content
If you want to use Hybrid, you might want to read and my be ask ItsMe for further help.

Cu Selur

Thank you very much for helping

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